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'BIG mistake' Nigel Farage fans fuming as he leaves LBC – 'He speaks the truth!'

Others suggested TalkRADIO scoop him up: “I hope @talkRADIO can afford him,'” and someone else added: “@Nigel_Farage move over to @talkRADIO.” 

However, some were very pleased with the news. 

“This is absolutely the right thing to do.  His racist dog-whistling should have no place on a mainstream platform. Fantastic news. Now do Ferrari,” someone remarked. 

Another added: “Excellent news – I am glad LBC have seen sense and will not be giving airtime to the hate he peddles.” 

A twitter user remarked: “Full-time politicians shouldn‘t be hosting talk radio shows anyway. It gives them free air time and a platform with no-one to challenge them. The practice needs to stop. Put trained journalists back behind the microphone.” 

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