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Bill Turnbull: ‘I’m nervous’ BBC presenter's health reveal amid prostate cancer battle

Former BBC Breakfast star Bill Turnbull, 64, recently announced his return to TV as he is set to make his presenting debut on Good Morning Britain with ex co-star Susanna Reid, 49. The presenter has spoken candidly about his health at present and admitted the ITV studios may need to provide him with a “little fan”.

Bill revealed in March 2018 he had been diagnosed with incurable prostate cancer the previous November.

The Classic FM host has now opened up about his current health and admitted he is doing well but added the cancer “is always there”.

In an exclusive interview with GMB, Bill spilled on his health battle, saying: “I’m ok at the moment. When you have cancer, it’s always there. But currently I feel really good, most of the time.

“I have changed my diet considerably and in the past few months I have felt healthier than I have in a long time.”

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The small-screen star revealed he is currently on hormone treatment so he tends to suffer from “hot flushes” and tends to get “red in the face” if his nerves begin to takeover.

The former BBC Breakfast star admitted he may require a small fan when he temporarily takes over from Piers Morgan.

“The only thing I do have is, because I’m on a hormone treatment, I do get hot flushes sometimes,” Bill explained.

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“I’m a bit nervous as it could be slightly awkward in the studio.”

He continued: “It was a big shock for me and for my family, and we had some pretty dark times. But luckily, I started treatment very quickly after my diagnosis.”

Bill also opened up about his treatment and the steps he’s taking to remain positive.

“I’m currently on a more gentle treatment, just a hormone injection every twelve weeks, and another to strengthen the bones,” he said.

“I’ve gone meat and dairy free, and as a result feel pretty good at the moment.”

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