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Birmingham lockdown MAPPED: New restrictions as covid cases rise – Where is in lockdown?

Tougher restrictions will ber imposed on household mixing in Birmingham, and neighbouring Solihull and Sandwell boroughs, it was announced today. The West Midlands mayor, Andy Street, has announced the new measures after a rise in COVID-19 infections in the area. The rate of coronavirus infection on September 7 was up to 85.4 per 100,000 people, up from 32 in the previous week.



Reading out a statement headed “Ban on household mixing in Birmingham, Sandwell and Solihull”, the mayor said: “The following areas will now be escalated to an area of national intervention, with a ban on people socialising with people outside their own household.

“The ban will take effect from Tuesday, September 15, but residents are advised to avoid household mixing before then as it has been identified as one of the drivers of transmission.”

Addressing a weekly call with regional journalists on Friday, said he made the announcement with the agreement of the Health Secretary, Matt Hancock.

He added: “This decision has been made in collaboration with local leaders who are considering additional local measures to tackle the increase in the number of cases.

“So to emphasise, this is about mixing between households, it is not about prevention of schools, workplaces, transport, any of the other options – it is about household mixing.”

So is your area covered by the new lockdown restrictions? Read on to find out more.

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Birmingham lockdown MAPPED: Where is in lockdown? (Image: GETTY)

Birmingham lockdown MAPPED: The rate of infection on September 7 was up to 85.4 per 100,000 people (Image: GETTY)

Where is on lockdown?

Mr Street added the bans applied to the whole of Birmingham, Sandwell and Solihull.

Areas with particularly high numbers of coronavirus cases in recent weeks include Edgabaston Birth, which saw 21 cases from August 31 to September 6.

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Greet and Sparkhill South saw 31 cases in that time, while Springfield and Hall Green West saw a whopping 39.

But it’s not just Birmingham affected. Solihull also has a high rate with about 50 cases per 100k.

While Sandwell is also seeing a rise.

Birmingham lockdown MAPPED: MAPPED, Sandwell and Solihull are affected (Image: GOOGLE)

The mayor added the full Government announcement on measures, potentially affecting other areas of the country, would be made “later”.

Leader of Birmingham City Council Councillor Ian Ward confirmed the household restrictions will apply inside and outside the city boundary.

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This means if you go out of Birmingham you cannot visit others in other areas, he said.

Cllr Ward added: “It is vital we stick to these rules and protect each other.

“We know this is difficult. The virus has not gone away, it has not weakened, it is relentless and we must be relentless in dealing with it.”

The latest restrictions come after it was today revealed the UK R-rate has soared above 1 for the first time in months.

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Birmingham lockdown MAPPED: Residents are banend from socialising with people outside their own household (Image: GETTY)

Birmingham lockdown MAPPED: And if you go out of Birmingham you cannot visit others in other areas (Image: GETTY)

In Birmingham, 892 new cases wre reported in the latest seven-day period, making the rate 78.2 cases per 100,000 people.

Cllr Ward added there had been “an increase of hospital admissions with Covid-19 and an increase in cases in care homes”, adding the rise in cases included “people of a white ethnicity”.

He said: “The spread appears to be primarily occurring through social interactions, especially private household gatherings, and workplaces where social-distancing is not being observed.

“The city’s position now is that we have become an area of intervention in line with places such as Greater Manchester.”

Birmingham lockdown MAPPED: The restrictions apply to the whole of Birmingham, Sandwell and Solihull. (Image: GOOGLE)

And officials are keen to make sure the city and surrounding area takes the new restrictions seriously.

Cllr Maria Crompton, leader of Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council, urged the public to follow the rules – or risk the death rate increasing.

She said: “The message to famileis is Covid-19 can kill. It is fatal.

“You will know a family or somebody very close very shortly that will die.

“I am sorry if I am blunt but people have become complacent.”

Source:Daily Express :: UK Feed

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