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Bizzle vs Zayt: Drama at Doom’s Domain continues

michael_hindi@tracker.gg (Michael Hindi)

Two of Fortnite’s most seasoned veterans Faze Bizzle and NRG Zayt have been in a season-long, friendship ending battle over Doom’s Domain

The introduction of new Season 4 POI’s has some of the top NA-East Fortnite pros in a month-long beef. It’s not pretty and will likely linger on for the rest of this season

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To adequately break down what the heck is going on, let’s backtrack to 2019

Bizzle has a long history with Zayt; they were even competing on the same team at one point. In a brief 3 week stint, Bizzle tagged along with the grandstanding Zayt and Saf duo to play in the first iteration of Trios Fortnite Championship Series

After outright winning the first Trio cash cup they played in together, a tapering 49th place finish in the 1st week of FNCS saw the players mutually, and amicably part ways

There is no “amicably” about what is going on now, however

Feud over Doom’s Domain

Doom’s Domain was the first Marvel-themed Point of Interest introduced on Season 4 release night. It quickly became a solid drop spot due to having one of the only non-abandoned vault loot

Needless to say, pro trios wanted to land there. Zayt and Bizzle’s trio are the only two elite teams that made the switch

Zayt showed frustration on Twitter as he didn’t understand why Bizzle was “contesting” and “griefing” his trio. According to Zayt, no top trio lands at Bizzle’s previous drop spot, Misty Meadows

He continued in a long thread, “People asking me why I dont leave? I was the one staying up at 6-7AM when the new season got released to find a good landing spot. I found the spot first. I am the most accomplished player in all Fortnite and I dont leave my drop spot. We are the most consistent trio this season.”

Bizzle’s response was more of a “non-response” as he wants nothing to do with the drama Zayt is instigating

One side of me wants to instantly invalidate Zayt’s argument since players are free to land wherever they’ll have the best chance of succeeding. Bizzle obviously thinks that spot is Doom’s Domain

On the other hand, I completely understand Zayt’s frustrations. Why is another team sacrificing a free spawn to contest what can be regarded as one of the best trios in the world? It’s mutually assured destruction

The idea of pro players “negotiating” where they’ll drop is a controversial yet recurring theme within the top competitive community. Since everyone does it, any individual player will be disadvantaged to not also make an under-the-table deal

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