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Blackford furious as Boris ignores him and 'plays on phone' during 'boring' indy rant

Blackford furious as Boris ignores him and 'plays on phone' during 'boring' indy rant 1

Mr Johnson has clearly outlined his position regarding holding another referendum on Scottish independence. The Prime Minister referred to the previous independence referendum in 2014 as a “once in a generation” vote and he has refused to entertain the idea of Scotland holding another referendum on the matter. However, when SNP MP and the party’s Westminster leader Ian Blackford was arguing the case for Indyref2 the Prime Minister was caught playing with his phone. 

Mr Blackford said: “It is for the Prime Minister to explain to the people of Scotland why he is denying Scotland the right to choose our own future.

“Why did democracy stop in the Prime Minister’s world with the independence referendum in 2014?

“Can I say to the Prime Minister it is not a good look to see him playing with his phone rather than listening to the legitimate demands of the Scottish National Party.” 

Mr Johnson fired back: “Well say something more interesting.” 

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The House of Commons then erupted with laughter. 

Mr Blackford continued to call for Scotland to be granted the powers to hold a second independence referendum. 

He said: “The Prime Minister says say something more interesting – well Prime Minister, this is about democracy, this is about the Scottish National Party that stood in the election on a manifesto about Scotland’s right to choose.

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“And it was about the Conservatives who said no to indyref2, and Mr Speaker what happened?

“Well the Conservatives lost more than half their members of Parliament. Prime Minister, you got your answer from the people of Scotland.”

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