Home Sports Blue Jays schedule 2020: Dates, times for Toronto's revised MLB regular season

Blue Jays schedule 2020: Dates, times for Toronto's revised MLB regular season

Blue Jays schedule 2020: Dates, times for Toronto's revised MLB regular season 1

MLB revised its 2020 regular season to 60 games because of the global COVID-19 outbreak. The campaign is now slated to run from July 23 through Sept. 27.

The Blue Jays, Canada’s lone MLB club, are scheduled to face the other teams in the AL East (40 games total) and all five teams in the NL East (20 games) under the new format. That means there will be precious few breathers for a team that’s still in the developmental stage even though it added multiple veteran starting pitchers in the offseason (Hyun-Jin Ryu, Tanner Roark, Chase Anderson).

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One major scheduling quirk: The Jays will spend half of September playing the Yankees (10 times) and Mets (three times). The positive is that just three of those games will be in the Big Apple (Sept. 15-17 in the Bronx). Those 13 games represent all of Toronto’s matchups vs. the New York teams this season.

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Here is the Blue Jays’ full revised 2020 regular-season schedule, with dates, opponents and game times.

Blue Jays 2020 schedule: Matchups, times, results

July 24at Rays6:40
July 25at Rays3:10
July 26at Rays1:10
July 27at Nationals6:05
July 28at Nationals4:05
July 29vs. Nationals6:37
July 30vs. Nationals6:37
July 31vs. Phillies6:37
Aug. 1vs. Phillies6:37
Aug. 2vs. Phillies3:07
Aug. 4at Braves7:10
Aug. 5at Braves7:10
Aug. 6at Braves7:10
Aug. 7at Red Sox7:30
Aug. 8at Red Sox7:30
Aug. 9at Red Sox1:35
Aug. 11vs. Marlins6:37
Aug. 12vs. Marlins6:37
Aug. 14vs. Rays6:37
Aug. 15vs. Rays6:37
Aug. 16vs. Rays3:07
Aug. 17at Orioles7:05
Aug. 18at Orioles7:05
Aug. 19at Orioles7:05
Aug. 21at Rays6:40
Aug. 22at Rays6:40
Aug. 23at Rays1:10
Aug. 24at Rays3:10
Aug. 25vs. Red Sox6:37
Aug. 26vs. Red Sox6:37
Aug. 27vs. Red Sox6:37
Aug. 28vs. Orioles6:37
Aug. 29vs. Orioles6:37
Aug. 30vs. Orioles3:07
Aug. 31vs. Orioles2:07
Sept. 1at Marlins6:40
Sept. 2at Marlins6:40
Sept. 3at Red Sox7:30
Sept. 4at Red Sox7:30
Sept. 5at Red Sox7:30
Sept. 6at Red Sox1:35
Sept. 7vs. Yankees6:37
Sept. 8vs. Yankees6:37
Sept. 9vs. Yankees6:37
Sept. 11vs. Mets6:37
Sept. 12vs. Mets6:37
Sept. 13vs. Mets3:07
Sept. 15at Yankees7:05
Sept. 16at Yankees7:05
Sept. 17at Yankees7:05
Sept. 18at Phillies7:05
Sept. 19at Phillies7:05
Sept. 20at PhilliesTBD
Sept. 21vs. Yankees6:37
Sept. 22vs. Yankees6:37
Sept. 23vs. Yankees6:37
Sept. 24vs. Yankees6:37
Sept. 25vs. Orioles6:37
Sept. 26vs. Orioles6:37
Sept. 27vs. Orioles3:07
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