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B&M Na Na Na Surprise Doll removed from shelves after risqué doll left mum 'disgusted'

The toy costs £23, however, the surprise element was far from what the mother bargained for.

The mum complained to B&M, which removed the product from shelves and apologised.

The woman, who chose not to be named, told the Scottish Sun: “There’s a selection and it’s just random the type of doll you get you get.

“They’re dressed differently, they’ve got different styles, if you like.

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She added: “I contacted B&M and I contacted what I thought was the manufacturer and both got back and said they were going to be looking into it.”

B&M products often have fans raving.

One such product was released recently.

Home Bargains is selling a bath soak with rave reviews. The £2.49 is red and reads “Deep Heat” on the front.

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B&M is selling the pack as one of it’s Big Value packs.

The boxes can be found in store. It offers a huge saving for fans of the snack, as packs of 10 are usually sold for £1.

Elsewhere, Iceland is also selling 100 Jaffa Cakes for slightly more at £5.

One hundred Jaffa Cake boxes have sold out in Tesco and in Home Bargains.

Source:Daily Express :: Life and Style Feed

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