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(Book review) Black 13 1

AFTER his first trilogy, The Pendulum Series, Adam Hamdy’s new exciting thriller series is set in a 21st century post-Brexit Britain.

After his disastrous final mission in the Middle East, Scott Pearce decided to retire as a member of MI6 to live a peaceful life in a seaside town on a quiet island. But his retirement plan comes to a crashing end when he is approached by a woman who says she has been sent to find him by her now deceased boss who has committed suicide to save his family.

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With the sudden arrival of Melody Gold who is from the Finance District powerhouse, Pearce is drawn into a nightmare where he has to face off against a secretive cabal and their security team, known only as Black 13.

Pearce’s investigation and infiltration takes him all across London, as well as into the clubs and homes of the elite and rich who know and think they are untouchable. The action is fast-paced, the characters well-defined and the storyline a little too close to reality for comfort.

Over the 470 pages, Pearce’s life is irreversibly changed along with that of Gold, her handler Wayne, and two other espionage specialists, former Middle Eastern agent Leila Nahum, and former MI6 Agent Wollerton.

They all discover the tangled web that lies beneath one of Britain’s most aggressive right-wing groups, the power brokers that support those endeavours, and the lengths that Black 13 will go to in order to achieve their ‘ideal’ England.

Hamdy, in his author’s note, also gives a brief outline of the research, litmus testing and online engagement that he went through to develop the novel’s intricate story. It is a story that could not be more relevant to today’s political turmoil.

As the first book in the series, it ends with more questions than answers. And I’m sure the reader will be looking forward to the next one. I certainly will be.

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