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(Book review) The Runner

(Book review) The Runner 1

AUTHOR Stephen Leather introduces a young MI5 agent, Sally Page. Page is a London junior agent who maintains a fake identity. She travels on the Tube, shops, acts as a normal Londoner under an assumed identity.

And she loves to run. Her flat in Fulham is just four miles to her office in Wimbledon and she runs to work everyday.

One morning, when Page returns from a coffee run to a Wimbledon safe house for her colleagues, she finds them all dead. And the computers are completely destroyed, too. Also the hard drives holding all of the information they’ve collected are gone.

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Worse, the killers are still in the house when she enters and they see her.

Realising what’s happened, she panics and runs away, leaving the scene of the carnage. Unfortunately, the killers are in hot pursuit.

While on the run, Page makes various attempts to outrun and keep the people chasing her off her trail, but they keep coming back.

Then she realises that they must have tracked her on her iPhone and her watch, so she decides to ditch both.

But it soon becomes apparent that they are still able to find her, leading Page to suspect a colleague in M15 is feeding the killers with information on her whereabouts.

In the course of the long chase, Page finds herself fighting off Mexican drug cartels, other agents, and also finds herself needing to call on all of the subterfuges she’s designed for other M15 agents to keep herself safe.

Page is literally running for her life, and soon finds herself out of options as she tries to guess if there’s anyone left she can trust.

An action-packed thriller from a master of the genre, who once again offers an exciting and heart-stopping story that keeps you glued till the last page.

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