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Book review: The Treadstone Resurrection

Book review: The Treadstone Resurrection 1

FOR fans of the Jason Bourne books and films, this is the first in a new series featuring Treadstone, which created Jason Bourne. In this book, Treadstone is about to be shut down and those who were a part of it must be terminated.

For Adam Hayes, he couldn’t take it anymore and left the programme earlier before the meltdown began. He still suffers from what he went through but has been regaining his memories slowly. Earnestly, he wants to be a dad to his son Jack and hopefully, get back with his wife. But that’s all about to change.

In Venezuela, there’s a black operation that has not been sanctioned by anyone in the US Government where a sitting US Senator and his special operatives are scheming to get money from the Venezuelan president. They took out the previous president a few years ago and helped install the present one, who is now double-crossing them as well.

Meanwhile, Treadstone agent Nick Ford finds himself in a blind when his crew was killed and the agency is closing in on him. He manages to get an email out to Adam with damaging pictures before he died. Initially, Adam is not aware of this but the bad guys are.

They send a team to take out Adam, not realising that he is ex-Treadstone too and is a killing machine. He manages to escape and kill the people sent after him but they keep coming. He again takes out the next kill team and soon gets hold of his former CIA leader and forms a plan to get to Venezuela to end the nightmare.

There, Adam comes face to face with the person responsible for his predicament. What happens next is high octane action. Will Treadstone be resurrected or is over and done with?

And will Adam get revenge against those out to kill him?

Author Joshua Hood has written a great thriller that’s all action and Robert Ludlum would be proud of him. This is as good as any Jason Bourne book, and one that you won’t want to put down until it’s over.

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