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Boris Johnson health fears: PM skips EIGHT briefings in a week amid concern he rushed back

Boris Johnson health fears: PM skips EIGHT briefings in a week amid concern he rushed back 1

Mr Johnson returned to Downing Street last week after recovering from his own battle with coronavirus. Despite being back at the helm, the Prime Minister has only conducted one public appearance at a press briefing last Thursday, leading to some members of the public to wonder if he rushed back too soon. Due to his absence, questions have been raised as to whether the Prime Minister is still recovering despite leaving hospital.

One person said: “Boris Johnson had a severe near-critical case of coronavirus.

“He was very ill. There can be a long tail recovery.

“He is not physically or emotionally able to work.”

After Dominic Raab led today’s 5pm press briefing, another person said: “Where’s Boris?”

Since returning to No10 Mr Johnson has also welcomed the birth of his first child with Carrie Symonds which could explain the apparent absence.

In his first and only briefing since his return from his illness last week, some also questioned the Prime Minister health.

Some worried the Prime Minister seemed breathless during the No10 briefing.

One person said: “Boris Johnson doesn’t look good, hope he’s not rushing his return.”

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“If he needs to go back to bed, he really should. Nobody sensible would object.”

Many people agreed and one person replied: “Boris Johnson should for actual health reasons, step back and recover for his own good.”

Due to the novelty of COVID-19, it is still unclear whether there are long-term side effects of the virus.

It is also unsure how long it could take for recovering patients to return to full fitness.

There is, however, fear there could be long to medium-term psychological ailments from the virus.

Paul Twose, critical care physiotherapist at Cardiff and Vale University Health Board says: “There does seem to be an added element with this disease – viral fatigue is definitely a huge factor.

“We do know patients take a considerable period, potentially months, to recover.

“There is really good data that, even five years down the line, people can have ongoing physical and psychological difficulties.

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