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Boris Johnson jumps in panic as he remembers Westminster Abbey’s no handshake rule

Boris Johnson narrowly missed out on making a major blunder at the Commonwealth Day service. The Prime Minister arrived to the event at Westminster Abbey with his now fiancée Carrie Symonds. However, when he entered the church and approached Abbey officials, Mr Johnson made to shake their hands, momentarily forgetting the Coronavirus advice.

In the footage captures, the Prime Minister can be reaching out his hand to greet one of the bishops in the procession.

However, at the last minute, he jerked it back, seemingly remembering the advice of health officials.

As the Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc across the world, many international government and health professionals have advised people to stop shaking hands as a preventative method.

Because it is a new illness, it is still to known exactly how the virus spreads from person to person.

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However it is said to be through cough droplets and “shedding”.

Consequently people have been advised to thoroughly wash their hands and even stop touching others as a caution.

Mr Johnson took his faux pax in stride and made a joke of it.

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Both Ms Symonds and the Abbey officials appear to laugh.

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