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Boris Johnson 'should face Chilcot-style inquiry over response to coronavirus pandemic'

Boris Johnson has seen his strategy to contain and fight the coronavirus pandemic come under fire as NHS staff and social carers continue to highlight the lack of adequate personal protective equipment known as PPE. The Prime Minister has been recovering from COVID-19 at Chequers, Buckinghamshire, but he has already been warned he could face a “Chilcot-esque inquiry” at the end of the pandemic. The Chilcot Inquiry was a public inquiry conducted between 2009 and 2011 reviewing the UK’s role during the War in Iraq as well as the conduct of former Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Former Defence Minister Tobias Ellwood told Channel 4 News: “There will be many questions, difficult questions that will be asked.

“In the future, there will be a Chilcot-esque type of inquiry, no doubt.”

Mr Ellwood continued: “My interest is what happens next. What the Government has been really good at and very clear is that critical message of what the nation needs to do for us to get on top of this virus.

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“Stay at home to protect the NHS and to save those lives.

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“It is a fact that people have addressed that, it is also a fact the Government has worked hard to build up the NHS capacity that’s allowed us to save lives.”

He added: “I don’t shy away from the absolute magnitude of the challenge that we face, not dissimilar to France, Italy, Spain and I’d say Germany as well. Although Germany’s numbers are lower, they are counting in a very, very different way.”

The British Medical Association last week confirmed they will stand by any doctor or nurse who will refuse to work if they feel they have not received the appropriate protective gear.

The Government faced criticism at the weekend after a shipment of additional PPE from Turkey was delayed. Local Government Minister Simon Clarke confirmed on Tuesday an RAF flight reached Turkey on Monday to recover the kits but he could not say when it would make its way back.

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