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Boris Johnson 'trump card' in EU talks exposed – very different to predecessor Theresa May

Mr Dale told Express.co.uk  David Frost is a very different kettle of fish to Olly Robbins, who represented the UK during Theresa May’s tenure as Prime Minister. The broadcaster also praised Mr Johnson for not bowing to the European Union’s demands during negotiations.   



Mr Dale said: “I do think that he has displayed a very different negotiating stance to that of the Theresa May government.

“He doesn’t bow down to every single demand, he sticks to his position.

“I think the EU are beginning to know that and actually respect it.

“We have got a proper negotiator, that is maybe Boris’ trump card in David Frost.

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Boris Johnson replaced Theresa May as Prime Minister (Image: Getty)

Iain Dale is a presenter for LBC (Image: Express)

“He is a very different kettle of fish than Olly Robbins was it has to be said if we all remember who Olly Robbins was.”

During the same interview, Iain Dale highlighted the coronavirus pandemic as a potential key factor in Britain and the European Union agreeing on post-Brexit trade terms.

The political commentator predicted that there will be a bare bones trade deal between the UK and the European Union before the end of 2020.

Mr Dale told Express.co.uk there is an incentive for both sides to secure a deal before the transition period expires at the end of 2020.

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Mr Dale said: “I am more hopeful that we will get a trade deal by the end of the year than I was a few months ago.

“I think coronavirus has helped in a bizarre sort of way because every economy in Europe is going to be hit by coronavirus, particularly those in northern Europe and of course our own.

“So the last thing I think anybody wants is a deal not to be done.

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Iain Dale predicted that a deal will be secured (Image: Express)

“There is an incentive on both sides to come to a deal.

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“Yes, we have had all the bluster from the EU’s side Michel Barnier seems to be playing the same record he did drawing the withdrawal agreement talks but in the end I think there will be some sort of deal.

“Whether it is a full trade deal I am not so sure I think it may be a sort of bare bones skeleton deal because there isn’t a lot of time left to come to an agreement.”

He added: “If it comes to the point where there isn’t a deal it is not going to be the biggest disaster in the world, but I don’t think it will come to that.”

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