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Boris Johnson's Brexit immigration 'plan to SLASH unskilled EU workers' by 90,000-a-year

The Government’s new immigration plan could see 90,000 arrivals from the EU slashed every year. The reduction, however, could be offset by a rise in skilled workers coming to the UK under the Australian-style blueprint.

Boris Johnson and Homes Secretary, Priti Patel, are thought to have signed off the new points-based arrangements last week.

It will be put to a full cabinet on Friday after Mr Johnson carries out his long-awaited cabinet reshuffle.

The new legislature should come into force from January 1 2020 after the Brexit transition period has ended.

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Following this, the UK will no longer have to adhere to Brussels’ rules.

Mr Johnson has repeatedly said he wants to cut down immigration.

The Prime Minister, however, ditched previous Tory plans to slash the numbers by “tens of thousands”.

It is understood that the new scheme will scrap the route into the UK for unskilled migrants.

This could immediately cut some 90,000 people from entering the UK.

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And, workers earning less than this could still secure a visa should the sector they specialise in be experiencing a skills shortage.

These people will be awarded with “double points”.

Spacing good English and having an “outstanding” educational background will add “points” towards getting a visa.

A letter outlining the details of the policy is being sent to Cabinet this weekend, ahead of the meeting on Friday.

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