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Boris Johnson's holiday ‘RUINED by Scottish nationalists’ report claims

The Prime Minister, along with fiancée Carrie Symonds and their son Wilfred, were taking a private holiday in the Scottish Highlands. But pictures of Mr Johnson’s holiday home were leaked and published, forcing him to move. There are suggestions Mr Johnson’s location may have been leaked by Scottish nationalists though SNP figures deny any involvement.



Mr Johnson and his family were staying in a small cottage, and slept in a tent in the garden.

The secluded getaway marked the first break for Mr Johnson since the coronavirus pandemic took hold.

But bodyguards have sent the Prime Minister home over fears for his safety as the location of the holiday home was published.

Speaking to The Sun a source close to Mr Johnson said: “They had been camping in the garden of the cottage but the security threat was too much.

“The tent could be spotted by a sniper from too far away for them to stay after the location was published.”

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Boris Johnson news: The Prime Minister has cut short his holiday after his location was leaked (Image: PA)

Boris Johnson news: Mr Johnson was staying in a cottage in the Scottish Highlands with Carrie Symonds and his new son (Image: PA)

Westminster has been busting with rumours Mr Johnson’s whereabouts were leaked by members of The Scottish Nationalist Party.

One senior Tory told The Sun: “The finger of blame for this all getting out is being pointed at the SNP, particularly Ian Blackford who is local.”

Mr Blackford rubbished the sources claims, and said: “This is completely preposterous and at no point have I referred publicly to the PM’s whereabouts.

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“It’s nothing to do with me and to be smeared in this way is unacceptable.”

Boris Johnson news: The SNP were blamed by Westminster insiders for the leaked location(GENERIC PIC) (Image: Getty)

Boris Johnson news: Mr Johnson was staying in a small cottage with a tent outside (GENERIC PIC) (Image: Getty)

Downing Street has refused to comment on the shortened holiday, but the Prime Minister will return to office next week

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His “staycation” followed Mr Johnson’s claim last month he would taking a mini-break after working “flat-out” over the summer.

He encouraged Britons to “think of all the wonderful staycations” in the UK instead of flying overseas due to the ongoing pandemic.

Mr Johnson added: “There are all sorts of fantastic destinations, the best in the world.

“All my happiest holiday memories are of holiday vacations here in the UK, bucket-and-spade jobs or whatever, and I thoroughly recommend it.”

Pictures of the holiday home showed a secluded three-bed cottage overlooking the sea.

The cosy three-bed cottage has a woodburning stove and understated furniture.

The property has wood panelled walls and is adorned with watercolour paintings.

Mr Johnson was also pictured dressing down while one holiday, wearing a bobble hat and button up shirts.


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Boris Johnson news: Mr Johnson and Carrie Symonds were taking their first getaway since the coronavirus pandemic hit (Image: Express)

Boris Johnson news: The Prime Minister has come under fire for being away during the exam results fiasco (Image: PA)

The Prime Minister has been condemned by opposition MPs for his silence throughout the past week’s issues with A-levels and exam results.

Mr Johnson’s Government u-turned on a controversial algorithm that decided students grades, after it disproportionately marked down poorer students.

Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner hit out at Mr Johnson for being “invisible” during the exam results fiasco.

She added: “Parents, young people and teachers deserve a public apology from the Prime Minister and a plan for how he will get a grip of his Government.”

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