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Boris to deliver democracy! 79 percent in poll back PM to finally deliver Brexit in 2020

The Prime Minister has consistently stated he will take the UK out of the EU and with his new commanding majority in Parliament, he has the majority to finally to do so. In the poll, we asked readers, ‘Do you think Boris Johnson will get Brexit done?’.

In response, an overwhelming 79 percent (8,264) believed the Prime Minister would carry out his pledge to ‘Get Brexit done’.

In contrast, only 18 percent (1,901) said they didn’t think he would while a further 0.02 percent (258) stated they did not know.

One user commented: “Of course he will and that is just the beginning.

“Hold on to your hats folks because the ride is going to be fun.”

Boris Johnson

Brexit news: Boris Johnson backed to deliver Brexit (Image: GETTY)

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A second said: “If he lays down ultimatums and deadlines to the EU, yes he will but it is down to his determination to get it done ! It is doable!”

A third said: “While hesitant I think he will have to, this is his Churchill moment and he has written enough on the subject to recognise it.

“The EU is forcing states into managed decline and that has to be reversed.”

Despite the belief the Prime Minister would take the UK out of the EU by the end of next month, some users issued a word of caution to Mr Johnson.

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Targeting Labour Leave seats in the north and Midlands, the Tories were able to make huge gains but as some readers commented, if he doesn’t deliver Brexit he could well lose the support of the public.

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One person wrote: “He has to if he wants to keep the backing of the people.”

Another said: “If he doesn’t then he will have big problems.”

A third added: “He had better get it done or he will be out next time.”

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As it stands, the UK is set to leave the trade bloc on January 31 and will then enter the transition period.

After the January 31 date, trade talks with the bloc will take place while the UK will also contribute to the EU budget.

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Although the UK will have technically left the bloc, it will still follow EU rules and adjudications from the European Court of Justice.

The transition period is scheduled to end at the end of December 2020 something which Mr Johnson has promised he will not extend.

Brexit timeline

Brexit timeline (Image: Express)

Moreover, the Prime Minister has also written in legislation which will stop MPs extending the transition period beyond 2020.

Despite Mr Johnson’s claims the Brexit will be concluded by the end of this year, officials in Brussels have admitted their fear over the 11-month timeline.

In contrast to Mr Johnson European Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen has insisted an extension to the transition may be needed.

If there isn’t significant progress in negotiations, she said an extension will be needed to elongate what she termed as an “extremely short” timetable.

As it stands, the deadline for extending the transition is June 2020 which will also be the same month whereby a summit will be held to assess the progress of talks.

Speaking to The i newspaper, Ms von der Leyen added: “It would be reasonable to evaluate the situation mid-year and then, if necessary, agree on extending the transition period.

This poll was published on January 1 and was closed at 8.45pm.

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