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Bournemouth University lockdown: 'Fears of man in suicide vest' sparks panic as police act

Bournemouth University lockdown: 'Fears of man in suicide vest' sparks panic as police act 1

The Dorset institution saw police flock to the grounds this afternoon as students reported a helicopter outside. A man was reported to the police to be near the University while wearing an outfit which “resembled a suicide vest”. Police said later it “was established that it was believed to be someone running in a fitness vest.”

During the lockdown, University students took to Twitter to discuss the incident.

A Twitter user said: “Urm, something bad is happening @bournemouthuni.

“Everyone is being asked to keep in doors.”

A second commented: “Bournemouth Uni is currently on lockdown at the moment. The reason is unknown, but no one is allowed to leave the building we’re in”.

Another said: “Bournemouth uni is on lockdown & there’s police and a helicopter I’m trapped in the library.”

As the incident was unfolding, some online commentators suggested someone had been injured – but that later turned out to be false.

At around 15.35pm, Bournemouth University wrote on Twitter: “There is currently a police operation underway at Talbot Campus.

“We will provide more information when we have it but would ask you to avoid speculation at this time.”

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And, at just after 4.15pm, the University provided another update on the situation on Twitter.

They wrote: “We can confirm that our Talbot Campus is now reopen – thank you for your cooperation during this time.”

A spokesman from Bournemouth University told Express.co.uk: “The buildings have now reopened.

“Concerning speculation online around someone being injured, there are no reports of anyone being hurt.”

The spokesman also said the University was set for a briefing at 4pm with the police to discuss why they were asked to close buildings but added: “As far as we are concerned there is nothing to report”.

At around 4.40pm, Dorset Police released a statement following the earlier incident near to Bournemouth University.

The statement read: “Dorset Police received a report at 2.33pm on Friday 10 January regarding a security alert relating to a man seen in the area of the Boundary roundabout near to Bournemouth University.

“An initial report suggested the man could be wearing something that resembled a suicide vest.

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