Home Lifestyle B&Q plant giveaway: How to get your hands on FREE plants

B&Q plant giveaway: How to get your hands on FREE plants

B&Q plant giveaway: How to get your hands on FREE plants 1

How to get your hands on free plants

B&Q is selling bundles of plants to brighten up homes and gardens up and down the country – and there is a way to get one for free.

They are selling 12 different bundles of plants, seeds and flowers to gardening customers.

They say this will help the wellbeing of people locked inside during the country’s lockdown period.

In a statement, B&Q said: “We know that gardening is important to our customers and their wellbeing. We are also aware of the scale of the challenge COVID-19 presents for the nation’s horticulture industry.

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“We hope that the availability of plants using our contact-free Click+Collect service will add a bit of colour to the gardens of Britain and help our customers and our horticultural partners through this difficult time, while maintaining the safety of our customers.”

A fake post has been circulating social media which states that B&Q is giving away plant bundles – but the company has moved to confirm the post is a hoax and that they are selling plants as opposed to giving them away.

An internet deal website, however, has stepped in to make sure people still get their hands on certain free plants with cash back.

Deals and offers website Topcashback.co.uk is giving all new members £15 off a shop in a DIY store – including B&Q.

Gardening during coronavirus

Doctors are warning people not to do unnecessary gardening or DIY during the outbreak for fears of increased pressure on the already-strained NHS.

The warning comes after the health service saw a spike in traumatic injuries caused by power tools last week.

As a result, the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgeons are warning people not to take on any unnecessary jobs in a bid to preserve the NHS.

The association’s president, Mark Henley told the Telegraph: “Healthcare professionals across the UK are working extremely hard to ensure that everyone with COVID-19 receives the care they need and are trying to free-up resources where at all possible.

“With so many people at home, plastic surgeons are particularly worried about the potential for an increase in traumatic injuries from activities such as gardening, DIY, cooking and hot water. If everyone can take extra care, it would be hugely appreciated.”

Dr Alastair Brown, a plastic surgeon at Ulster Hospital’s Plastic Surgery unit in Belfast, says many of those injured had been looking for DIY activities to fill their time and ease boredom during lockdown.

Dr Brown said that power tools, lawnmowers and saws were responsible for the hospitalisation of eleven cases, while simple tasks like bicycle maintenance had caused other injuries – all of which take up valuable NHS time.

He added: “Repair and construction can consume many hours of precious theatre time.

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“We are unfortunately becoming more and more stretched with out resources as they are diverted to the very sick patients most in need.”


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