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Breaking Bad El Camino: How did Breaking Bad end ahead of the new movie?

Breaking Bad was a phenomenon that took over the world’s TV sets. While it was on, Breaking Bad won major awards, broke records and has spawned a spin-off series and now a film. But where do we find Jesse Pinkman (played by Aaron Paul) in El Camino – and what happened before?

Jesse Pinkman was Walter White’s (Bryan Cranston) right-hand man after he was recruited to cook meth for his former chemistry teacher.

The young man who only committed small felonies in his past suddenly became one of the most hunted men in New Mexico – along with his boss – the formidable Heisenberg.

The pair saw off various drug lords, laundered money and, as the final series revealed, saw Walt finally morph into the dangerous anti-hero we were all expecting.

So, with El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie expected to reveal what has happened to Jesse Pinkman after the events of the series, it seems fitting to remind ourselves where we find him.

In the final series of Breaking Bad, Jesse was determined to get out of his arrangement with Walt after discovering some of the evil things he had done.

First, he was manipulated by Walt to break up with his girlfriend, Andrea (Emily Rios.)

Jesse in his El Camino in Breaking Bad

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Jesse in his El Camino in Breaking Bad (Image: AMC/Netflix)

After this, he becomes involved in a heist to steal methylamine where he sees their accomplice Todd (Jesse Plemons) kill a young boy, causing him to quit the drug business.

Walt refuses to pay him for their work together, but realising his manipulations are no longer working, he pays Jesse his share of the buyout of their empire.

Jesse tries to give his money away to Mike Ehrmantraut’s (Jonathan Banks) granddaughter and to the parents of the boy Todd shot, but their dodgy lawyer Saul (Bob Odenkirk) refuses.

At this, he is arrested by Hank (Dean Norris,) a DEA officer and Walt’s brother-in-law, who wants to confirm his suspicion that Walt really is the kingpin, Heisenberg.

Jesse is bailed out by Saul and they, with Walt, discuss how Jesse can disappear with the help of ‘the disappearer’ Ed (Robert Forster.)

Walter White played by Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad

Walter White played by Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad (Image: AMC/Netflix)

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However, the thing which really makes him hate his former mentor rears its head, and he discovers Walt orchestrated the poisoning of Brock (Ian Posada), Andrea’s son.

He decides to help Hank catch Walt, and the pair team up until Hank is shot by Todd’s uncle Jack (Michael Bowen) after Walt enlisted him to kill Jesse, but things went wrong.

Walt reveals he watched Jesse’s earlier girlfriend, Jane (Krysten Ritter,) die in a spiteful moment before he leaves Jesse to the mercy of the neo-Nazi gang run by Jack and Todd.

They torture him and force him to continue to cook meth for them, killing Andrea and threatening to kill Brock next.

Months later, Walt returns to find Jesse forced to work for Todd and Jack.

Jesse tuns to Saul for help in Breaking Bad

Jesse tuns to Saul for help in Breaking Bad (Image: AMC/Netflix)

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He saves Jesse by forcing him to the ground as a shower of bullets starts to rain down on them, from his rigged-up car.

All but Todd, Jesse and Walt are killed, but Jesse uses his chains to strangle Todd to death.

Walt lies there mortally wounded, asking Jesse to finish him off.

Jesse refuses to, and before he leaves, he hears Walt tell their buyer, Lydia (Laura Fraser) that he has poisoned her with ricin before he dies.

Jesse leaves and dives away in his car, laughing and crying with relief after a horrendous time at the mercy of Heisenberg.

Jesse Pinkman is wanted in El Camino A Breaking Bad Movie

Jesse Pinkman is wanted in El Camino A Breaking Bad Movie (Image: AMC/Netflix)

What is El Camino about?

El Camino will see Aaron Paul reprise his role as Jesse, and follow the events of the final episode of the series.

The audience will see Jesse attempt to find freedom while being hunted by police and, likely, drug dealers.

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie is released on Netflix on October 11

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