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Brexit holidays: Major travel insurance warning for Britons as 2021 travel due big change

Consequently, it’s vital holidaymakers invest in the right travel insurance ahead of their break abroad.

“You should always get appropriate travel insurance with healthcare cover before you go abroad,” explains the government’s online advice.

“Your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) will be valid up to December 31 2020.

“It’s particularly important you get travel insurance with the right cover if you have a pre-existing medical condition.


“This is because the EHIC scheme covers pre-existing conditions, while many travel insurance policies do not.”

That said, Britons still need to make sure they have travel insurance for any holidays in 2020, too.

Patrick Ikhena, Head of Travel at comparethemarket.com shared his latest advice.

“It’s too early to say if travel insurance prices will be impacted as our future arrangements with the EU are yet to be finalised,” he said.

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“However, as you will be unable to use EHIC cards once the UK leaves the European Union, this makes it all the more important to have travel insurance to cover you against any unexpected illnesses and costs whilst travelling in the EU.

“That doesn’t mean an EHIC keeps you fully covered at present, and as a result it shouldn’t be regarded as a substitute for comprehensive travel insurance.

“With an EHIC you only have basic cover – which varies country by country – and most typically require some form of additional payment for a higher standard of care which otherwise might be covered under a travel insurance policy.

“Travel insurance covers you against additional costs and remains a much-needed safeguard against problems such as lost or stolen luggage.”

Ikhena urged holidaymakers to take care when getting travel insurance and to read the fine print.

“Reading the policy document carefully and shopping around for different cover from providers will remain just as important after Brexit as it is now,” he said.

“If you are concerned about potential delays or your holiday provider going out of business, then looking for policies with travel disruption features such as End Supplier Failure.”

He continued: “For customers with an existing travel insurance policy that will continue after Brexit, it is crucial to check your terms and conditions and contact your insurer to understand your coverage following the transition.

“A current policy is likely to remain valid, but it is possible that future policies sold after the transition period may have revised terms and conditions.”

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Travellers heading abroad this summer need to particularly careful when it comes to coronavirus cover.

Price comparison sire comparethemarket.com said: “With some schools breaking up shortly for the summer holidays, it is likely some families keen to maintain a sense of normality and go ahead with their annual summer getaway. However, despite restrictions easing, it is still essential that you check the latest FCO guidance for your destination before travelling, as it can vary from country to country.

“Some countries on the DfT’s ‘travel corridor’ list still have travel restrictions in place for UK arrivals, despite flights being available. It is also worth checking with your insurance provider to understand what your policy will cover. Even though many providers have COVID-19 related exemptions, such as cancellations, there are elements of COVID-19 cover more widely available including emergency medical and repatriation costs. 

“Overall, travel insurance remains a much-needed safeguard against problems such as lost, stolen, or damaged luggage.”

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