Brexit LIVE: Desperate Jeremy Corbyn makes last gasp bid to stop democracy

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Mr Johnson announced that he would bring his Brexit deal back to Parliament on Friday in order to press forward with Brexit and take the UK out of the Eu by January 31. In order to try and delay Mr Johnson’s plans, the leader of the Opposition will force his MPs to vote against the deal despite the Prime Minister now having an 80 seat majority, The Times has reported. In the wake of the election, Mr Corbyn claimed that his party had managed to “win the arguments” but that Brexit was the main reason his party ultimately lost. 

Due to the devastating election loss, Mr Corbyn has announced that he will step down following a “period of reflection”. 

Since the announcement, Jess Phillips, Lisa Nandy, Angela Rayner, Emily Thornberry, Rebecca Long-Bailey and Sir Keir Starmer have emerged as the likely contenders to take over the party. 

Away from the Labour leadership race, Mr Johnson will reportedly include a new clause in his Brexit deal which will rule out any extension to the transition period. 

As it stands, the transition period will conclude in December 2020 but despite Mr Johnson insistence that he will not extend the transition, officials from Brussels have stated their fear that there is not enough time to complete Brexit negotiations. 


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Brexit LIVE: Jeremy Corbyn to whip MPs to oppose Brexit deal (Image: GETTY)

8.37am update: Tony Blair comments on Labour’s Brexit strategy

Speaking today, Mr Blair said there was “no way to unite the country” over Brexit. 

Mr Blair added: “With different leadership, we would have kept much of our vote in traditional Labour areas while benefiting from the fact that even those areas, the majority of those voting Labour were Remain.”

He also stated his the party had pursued a path of “almost comic indecision”. 

7.54am update: Keir Starmer vows to fight Brexit

The Shadow Brexit secretary has set out his leadership bid and stated that his party did not tackle the Boris Johnson’s ‘get Brexit done’ slogan. 

Although Sir Keir admitted the UK will leave the EU in January, he stated that he will continue to fight Mr Johnson in order to shape a Brexit deal which will be in the best interests of the country. 

He said: “The Brexit debate changes. 

“We will leave in January and the argument will have to be about the type of deal that we have with Europe: and we will argue, as we argued before, for a deal that protects our economy, protects our jobs, and working standards, the environment and consumers.

“That is really important.”

7.41am update: Jeremy Corbyn to force MPs to vote against Brexit deal

Although Mr Corbyn has a diminished majority, he stated Mr Johnson’s deal would “soon be exposed to the falsehood it is” yesterday. 

According to The Times, in a meeting with the Labour Parliamentary Party, Mr Corbyn said: “On Friday, we have the debate on the withdrawal agreement bill. 

We will vote against it because by putting an impossible timetable for a good deal with the EU, Boris Johnson has already shown that his priority is a toxic deal with Donald Trump that will sell out our NHS and risk the safety of our food. And the [withdrawal agreement bill] significantly risks undermining the Good Friday agreement.”

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