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Brexit panic: EU ‘cracks’ showing as ‘disintegration’ imminent – ‘Great time to uncouple!’

Political commentator India Willoughby took aim at the European Union for its desires to grow larger. While on TalkRadio, Ms Willoughby noted that like all great empires, the European Union will also crumble. She argued that the EU has shown that it wants to expand further but warns this may not be possible and the bloc may disintegrate after the UK leaves due to Brexit.

She also added she was fearful Remainers would use the coronavirus crisis to argue the UK should not complete Brexit and leave the European.

Ms Willoughby argued the UK should continue to form a new relationship with Europe outside of the EU despite the fears of Remainers.

Ms Willoughby said: “The EU like all great empires is an expansionist institution that is always looking for new territory and identities to embrace.

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“With all these great big things like the Roman and British empire, once you get so big the cracks and fissures start to show in what you are.

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Brexit panic: EU ‘cracks’ showing as ‘disintegration’ imminent – ‘Great time to uncouple!’ (Image: Getty)

“That is why I have always thought it was a great time to uncouple from the EU.”

Ms Willoughby went on to explain why she still believed it was a good idea for the UK to leave the European Union.

She said: “I think the EU is going to start to disintegrate in the future.

“So my view on leaving has not changed whatsoever.”

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She added that she was cautious of pro-Europe fanatics hoping to use the coronavirus health issue as a reason to delay completely cutting ties with the bloc.

She said: “I am a little bit weary that the Euro-fanatics are probably thinking coronavirus could be another delay.

“They may be thinking this could be another opportunity to whip up the troops and get another campaign going to say we should stay in the European Union.”

Environment Secretary George Eustice insisted that despite the calls for a Brexit talk extension, the UK will continue to stick to the current schedule.

During the Friday coronavirus briefing said: “We are still going ahead with it.

“Brexit, in fact, is something that has already happened.

“We left the European Union at the end of January.

“We have a transition period that ends at the end of this year.”


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