Brexit POLL: Is Britain losing Brexit hunger during coronavirus crisis? VOTE

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Brexit POLL: Is Britain losing Brexit hunger during coronavirus crisis? VOTE 1

Although the UK’s chief negotiator, David Frost and his counterpart Michel Barnier have conducted virtual talks, the latter argued the two parties are too far apart to come to an agreement. Although Mr Johnson has insisted he will not ask for an extension, a survey by Deltapoll has suggested the majority of the public now believe an extension is needed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. With that in mind, is asking: “Is Britain losing Brexit hunger during coronavirus crisis?”

Former deputy Prime Minister, David Lidington has insisted the virus pandemic has made an extension inevitable.

He told Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad: “COVID-19 makes renewal inevitable.

“There is not enough bandwidth to pay attention to Brexit in Whitehall, the European Commission and the major capitals.”

Former chief of the civil service, Philip Rycroft told Prospect the transition period needs to be extended.

If the deadline is extended, Mr Rycroft said more time could improve the outcome for both sides.

He added: “More time could lead to a better outcome for both sides.

“Clearly there has been much less time for negotiation than could ever have been anticipated.”

However, in keeping with Mr Johnson’s claims, a source close to the UK’s chief negotiator told City AM that extending the transition would only increase uncertainty.

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It follows two surveys which appeared to show a declining desire for Brexit in the current climate.

In the Deltapoll which asked 1,518 members of the public between April 23-24, 56 percent of those asked to believe an extension is needed.

Only 30 percent of those surveyed said an extension should not be requested while just 14 said they did not know.

A further 42 percent of those who voted to leave the EU also agreed an extension is needed amid the current virus pandemic.

In a further poll conducted by Focaldata for Best of Britain, two-thirds of the 2,032 people asked also believed the UK should focus on dealing with coronavirus first.

Just 34 percent think the Government can carry out Brexit negotiations while dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

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