Brexit row erupts as Jamelia brands election 'working class brainwashing'

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The English songwriter, who campaigned for the Labour Party ahead of the December election, was up against nutritionist and panellist Lowri Turner who called on Remainers to accept the majority of Britons now want Brexit to be delivered by Boris Johnson. She said: “Now Remainers who have said they’ve been right for three years and have called the rest of us stupid, now it’s time to say ‘you know what? We accept that other people have this view and it’s the majority of them’.”

But Jamelia replied: “I do think that we have to remember that it was a close call.”

Ms Turner blasted back: “The last election was not a close call!

“Shouldn’t we be dealing with where we are now?”

Host Jeremy Vine echoed Ms Turner’s question and asked: “Wasn’t the election the second referendum?”

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Brexit news: Jamelia and Lowri Turner clash on Jeremy Vine over election (Image: CHANNEL 5)

Countdown blunder: Rachel Riley's huge mistake after replacing Carol Vorderman exposed

Jeremy Vine asks: ‘Wasn’t the election a second Brexit referendum?’ (Image: CHANNEL 5)

To which the singer astonishingly replied: “The election was a successful brainwashing campaign of the working class, I’m sorry.”

After three and a half years, Britain is due to fulfil the mandate set by the British public in June 2016 and leave the European Union at the end of January.

After years of Brexit uncertainty, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has promised to ensure the Article 50 process is completed by January 31. 

Mr Johnson will return to work this week as the head of the strongest Conservative-led Parliament since Margaret Thatcher was in office.

In the December general election, the Tory Prime Minister won a landslide majority against the Labour Party, leading to Jeremy Corbyn’s announcement he would not lead the party through another election.

Mr Johnson’s first key point of business is the delivery of Brexit, which he says will revitalise Britain and enable the country to focus on other important issues such as the NHS.

His first task is to negotiate the particulars for post-Brexit Britain.

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Countdown blunder: Rachel Riley's huge mistake after replacing Carol Vorderman exposed

Panellists clash on Jeremy Vine over Boris Johnson’s Brexit plans (Image: CHANNEL 5)

Britons are in a state of “Brexit fatigue” and Mr Johnson has said he hopes in the wake of the UK’s departure date on January 31, the country will be able to focus on other topics, namely NHS funding, education and the social care crisis.

Reportedly, the Government is determined to make Brexit a technical process which occurs in the background of daily life as opposed to the key topic of news agendas each day.

But Mr Johnson, in his triumphant December general election win, has now progressed the deal more than ever before and now the question is “what is the next deliverable aspect for Brexit?”

It is potentially a difficult balance of getting Brexit down at faster-than-necessary speeds, while simultaneously hoping no one much notices the impacts. 

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