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Brexit row erupts: David Davis schools Remainer Lammy on why Boris’ defiance is working

David Davis took David Lammy to task over his claims the Brexit talks had been a disaster for Britain. The former Brexit Secretary insisted that Brexit negotiations have improved for the UK compared to six months ago. He pointed out that there are only two main stumbling blocks left – fisheries and state aid – which the EU wants Britain to back down on.

David Davis predicted a breakthrough in the talks in the last-minute from the EU, since Brussels “struggles” to deal with countries that it cannot bully or “subordinate”.

David Lammy, who was hosting LBC this morning, said: “Boris promised no tariffs, no fees, no charges. He promised safeguards for workers, environmental protections.

“We are now at this stage where we are heading for this deadline in December and it looks like we are no further forward.”

However, Mr Davis claimed the negotiations are “not at all bad,” at the moment and instead argued that the UK are in a good position.

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David Davis took David Lammy to task over his claims the Brexit talks were a disaster for Britain (Image: LBC)

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The former Brexit Secretary explained: “We are in the middle of the negotiation.

“If you look at every EU negotiation, they always easily get deals with smaller countries.

“But they struggle to get deals with India, China, the US, ones they cannot subordinate. That is what is happening here.

“What is interesting, from this negotiation stance, it’s quite hard to tell how well or how badly it is going by the public statements of either side.

“I always said, the last few weeks will matter more than the last few years

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“If you finish talks early, it is because you’ve given something up or you’ve left something on the table

“It appears to have reduced to two intrinsic issues, one being fisheries and the other, state aid.”


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He continued: “If it really is down to those two issues then we are in a much better position than I would have told you we had been in six months ago.”

Mr Davis hit back at Mr Lammy’s claims that the uncertainty is leading to a worse situation for ordinary people who will be impacted by Brexit.

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The former Brexit Secretary stated that negotiations have been reduced down to two options; a zero tariff deal or a no-deal.

He added: “The one time business and the economy was rattled was when we deferred from the initial March date.

“All the expenses and effort laying on extra warehouse, extra workers, was wasted. Predictability is valuable but not at the price of a bad deal.”

It is understood a number of the eight member states with the greatest interest in fishing access reiterated to a room of EU ambassadors and Michel Barnier that they would not agree to a deal without agreement on fisheries.

Mr Barnier claimed on Thursday that the UK was excluding European fleets from UK waters in a move that risked destroying the bloc’s fishing industry.

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