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Brexiteer warns EU may ‘cut off its nose to spite its face’ in crunch trade talk tactics

Boris Johnson is expected to lock horns with the EU over the trading agreement that must be finalised by the end of 2020. Brexit activist Darren Grimes hinted the EU would attempt to shackle the UK by forcing Britain to agree to Brussels rules and regulations. He added the UK has an opportunity to have freer markets after leaving the European Union and must make the most of this situation.

While speaking to the pro-Tory organisation Free Market Conservatives Mr Grimes said: “Free Market Conservatives are presented with the ideal opportunity to make the case for freer markets and freer people post-Brexit.

“Prime Minister Boris Johnson set out in Greenwich his vision for a post-Brexit trade agreement with the EU.

“Even if the EU decides to, in what would be cutting off their nose to spite their face, not to have an ambitious trade agreement with the UK.

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“I think the UK is ideally placed actually to lower barriers to entry around the world.”

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The Brexit activist explained the UK had the opportunity to return to being a great trading player on the world stage.

Brexiteers have argued one of the best benefits of Brexit would be the ability to make trade deals with nations across the globe.

Mr Grimes continued: “We are ideally placed as we have done throughout our history…in advancing the case for freer markets and freer people.

“Free Market Conservatives are, I think, the ideal vehicle to ensure that Boris Johnson can loudly and proudly champion those values.”

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