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Britain will REFUSE to bow down to EU in future trade talks claims MP in Andrew Neil clash

Andrew Neil and Tory MP Crispin Blunt engaged in a heated clash regarding how the UK would engage with the EU for trade talks. While hosting BBC Politics Live Mr Neil argued the UK would have to listen to the EU’s rules and regulation if they want to engage in trade. However, Mr Blunt insisted the UK would not hand the “power” back to Brussels after successfully leaving the bloc.

He added the UK was capable of setting their own standards for workers rights, environmental and employment regulations.

Mr Neil said: “If we are going to export things to the European Union, whether you have a free trade deal or not you have to comply with EU regulations.

“Just like the cars we export to America, we don’t have a free trade deal, we would have to comply with the highest emission standards in America, that is what trade is.

“That is a different matter.

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Britain will REFUSE to bow down to EU in future trade talks claims MP in Andrew Neil clash (Image: BBC)

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Crispin Blunt and Andrew Neil clashed on how the UK would deal with trade talks with the EU (Image: bbc)

“What if the Europeans say for the UK to trade with them in a free trade agreement, our environmental standards, workers rights standards, wherever you are exporting, have to conform with Europe.

“What do we say?”

Mr Blunt replied: “Well we would say no.

“This is because it is an advancement of EU sovereignty over the UK.

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“We will set its own standards about what is going to produce here.

“We are perfectly capable of protecting workers standards and terms and conditions of employment and the environmentalist risks ourselves.

“That is one of the reasons we can safely leave the European Union.


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“We don’t need to rely on the EU’s environmental regulations, we can do this ourselves.

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“The idea that we are going to hand all that power back in return for a free trade deal, which is massively in their interests given the balance of trade sits, it would be an extraordinary outcome.”

Brexit trade negotiations are expected to finally begin after the withdrawal agreement Boris Johnson negotiated with the European Union clears Parliament sometime in January.

The Prime Minister insisted he will seek to have the talks kick off as soon as possible to ensure a deal is in place by the end of the transition period in December, effectively giving the British Government 11 months to come to an agreement with the bloc

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