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Britons furious as Spain forced to admit to thousands of incursions into UK territory

Britain has submitted close to 400 diplomatic protests over incursions taking place in British overseas territorial waters between 2010 and 2019. The repeat complaints have all been due to Spanish aircraft and vessels invading airspace and waters around the Rock. Britons were outraged at the moves by Spain to incur upon British territory.

Many urged action to be taken to reverse the behaviour by Spain, taking to the Express.co.uk Facebook page to vent their anger.

Katie Bond said: “It appears Spain is always showing nothing but contempt to the British yet profit considerably from our tourism!

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“Spain are beneficiaries not contributors to the EU! What a cheek.”

Brian Hill remarked it was “just another example of how EU countries cannot be trusted”.

John Wastle wrote: “When will our gunboats put an end to it?

“Arrest a couple of their boats and breaks them up and put the crews in prison.

“Spain knows exactly what it is doing, and forget we can cripple them by boycotting their food and holidays.”

Paul Stacey said: “Spain isn’t the problem, the EU is, and we’re ending it.”

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The Rock is a British overseas territory and has been in British hands since the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713.

In a 1967 referendum, 99.2 percent of voters opted to remain British.

Self-determination was once again an issue in 2002, but Gibraltarians rejected joint UK-Spanish sovereignty by 98.9 percent, to remain British.

Approximately 15,000 people cross the border from Spain every day to work there.

This makes the Spanish vital to the Rock’s economy.

Spain has continued to hit back at the UK over the years, disputing Gibraltar’s status.

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