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Brixton riot: Violent mob chase police as chaotic scenes explode at London party – VIDEO

Brixton descended into violent chaos last night after a large police operation swarmed onto a block party in the London district.  Video footage from Wednesday night saw violent mobs chase police and smash up emergency service vehicles.  In one clip, a person can be saying: “They have run the police out of here.” 

One witness tweeted: “Only in Brixton, you’ll see feds getting run out of the area.”

Footage from earlier in the night showed a huge gathering near Angell Town in Brixton. 

A police helicopter had been circling the area since around 7pm.

However, the night quickly decended into chaos with video showing dozens of revellers running and screaming.

JUST IN: London chaos: Police attacked as Brixton party spirals out of control

This morning, Brixton was trending on social media, amid a shocked reaction to the violence and attacks on the police. 

One horrifying video clip showed lines of police being hit with objects hurled by a crowd in the south London district.

Another video uploaded onto social media showed people jumping on a Met Police patrol car.

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This followed reports of a gunshot at a house party earlier in the night.


One clip even showed a man brandishing a sword in the middle of the street.


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