BT broadband customers have just hours left to cut down on their internet bill

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BT broadband customers can still take advantage of the firm’s “lowest ever” Fibre 1 price …but not for much longer. The firm dropped the cost of this popular package a few weeks ago, but this money-saving discount is about to come to an end. In fact, the countdown clock is ticking with the discount stopping at midnight tomorrow, July 17.

That means you’ve only got a few hours left to add the discounted broadband plan to your shopping basket to lock-in the lower price.

This limited-time deal means broadband users can get 50Mbps for £26.99 per month – that’s a saving of £24 over the term of the contract.

While it’s not the biggest discount we’ve seen, every little helps – especially at the moment – and this is still the lowest ever price for BT’s most popular fibre plan. As an example, BT is offering its Fibre Essential for £26.99 – that’s the same price as Fibre 1 but the speeds are considerably slower with this basic option offering downloads at just 36Mbps.

If you’re a bit baffled by all that talk of Mbps then here’s a simple chart showing how quickly you can download a full HD movie on each BT plan.

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BT broadband customers have just hours left to cut down on their internet bill

BT broadband deal can cut the cost of internet access (Image: GETTY • BT)

BT Fibre Essential • £26.99 – 36Mbps speed
DOWNLOAD TIME = 15 minutes

BT Fibre 1 • £26.99 (usually £27.99) – 50Mbps speed
DOWNLOAD TIME = 11 minutes

BT Fibre 2 • £31.99 – 67Mbps speed
DOWNLOAD TIME = 8 minutes

If the Fibre 1 discount sounds enticing then you can find full details here.

The news of this price drop comes as some BT customers are facing a price increase. In fact, over one million customers are set to see their home phone line change in a major shake-up to its service.

The telecoms firm says it is about to move users onto its new Unlimited Minutes plan which, as the name suggests, offers unlimited landline and mobile calls at any time of the week and at weekends.

This plan costs £15 per month and could mean some users see their overall bill rise by around £4.50 on fixed monthly cost. On average things will only increase by £1.83 – it all depends on how much you use the phone.

BT says it has begun informing users by letter and, if they are unhappy with the change, the firm says they can leave BT without being held to term charges during the 30 days from when they receive the customer communication.

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