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Mark Cuban: 4 Essential Things Entrepreneurs Must Do in Order to Survive the Pandemic

Mark Cuban provided every entrepreneur with the peptalk.

The Shark Tank celebrity and owner of Dallas Mavericks shared four key tips with entrepreneurs for success during this pandemic. These included dealing with cyber threats and artificial intelligence.

He said, “Running small businesses is not easy. But we chose this life.”

1. 1.Be agile

It is no secret that pivoting helped a lot companies through the pandemic. Cuban stated that while no one can have predicted COVID-19’s arrival, it was something everyone could see. “Learn new skills because learning is your skill set,” Cuban added.

2. 2. Communicate truthfully and authentically

Cuban stated last week that a hacker had taken over a company in which he was involved. A person clicked on the wrong link and fell for a phishing scheme. The company then lost $500,000 through Shopify. What do you do when faced with such a scenario? He said, “You need to be open, communicate and go back to work.” He advised that the company be open with all parties involved in the resolution of the issue.

Cuban stated that even though you may have anxiety over the pandemic or supply chain problems in difficult times, people will most respect you if your honest and open communication with them is a key part of their lives. He said that if they are respectful of you they will be willing to do business with you again.

3. Your product should be loved

Cuban stated that sales is difficult but essential to any business. To make one more cold phone call, even if you don’t feel you can sell, the trick is to remind yourself that each ‘no,’ will bring you closer to a “yes”, and to be passionate about your product. You can find motivation if you love what you sell and believe it will make a difference in the lives of other people.

4. Stay ahead of the curve

Cuban, in his 20s, was selling computers to convince people that their ledgers were working perfectly. He feels exactly the same about cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence. He said that change is always inevitable. He said that you could gain a competitive edge by embracing the most recent technology. You don’t need to be a Bitcoin expert to benefit your company.

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Amazon offers $3,000 in Hiring Bonuses to New Employees This is How You Can Do It, As Well.

Entrepreneur contributors do not necessarily agree with the opinions expressed.

Amazon currently seeks 1000 workers to work at its Delaware location and will pay up to $3,000 in bonuses to hire them.

Amazon, like many businesses across the nation, is in desperate need of labor. Amazon may seem to have a competitive edge because of its financial resources, which allow it to afford these bonuses for hiring. But that is not true.

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How to “hook” with Generations XYZ, Z, and Alpha These are them

Different industries are being transformed by the new generation of consumers. Each one has created a niche for itself. These are the generations X,Y,Z, and Alpha.

Wesley Tingey via Unsplash

La GenZ esta compuesta por las personas que nacieron despues de 1996, hasta el 2012.

The offers and distribution channels of various industries have evolved over the years to meet the changing consumption habits of this generation.

This situation has forced brands to seek out the traits of every generation to maximize their advertising efforts. They have also sought to adjust the voice and medium of the messages to suit the needs of the audience.

This article will discuss how marketers segment audiences by generation and how companies can connect with this new generation of buyers.

Generation X, Y and Z: Who is Alpha?

Numerous studies have shown that generations are more diverse than the problem of parents or children.

Globalization is not just about people integrating, but also the environment in which they live and their families are influenced by the trends and political environment. The theory of generation, which divides people according to their year of birth, was born.

Generation X

How to "hook" with Generations XYZ, Z, and Alpha
These are them


People of this generation were born from 1965 to 1982, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). They are between 56 and 40 years old.

This generation has suffered from constant unemployment and economic recessions. Their economic freedom and independence has been delayed due to this.

This generation experienced the first transformations to the ” traditional model” of families – birth control, divorces and households headed by single mothers – as well as the fight for the civil rights of the violated groups and the principle of gender equality.

These are the children and parents of millennials. The X in this generation represents the concept of indefiniteness, and it is a symbol for both.

Generation Y

How to "hook" with Generations XYZ, Z, and Alpha
These are them


The millennial generation. It is made up of people born between 1981 and 1996, according to Pew Research. They are between 40 and 25 years old and are true digital natives.

The Millennials are the offspring of GenX and baby boomers. They are more likely to be dependent than people from other generations. These people are more likely to purchase what they desire, even if they have limited financial resources.

The arrival of the Internet at home and its expansion into education was witnessed by this generation.

Generation Z

How to "hook" with Generations XYZ, Z, and Alpha
These are them


They are also known by the Centennials. These people were born between 1996 and 2012. These are the Millennials’ children. Because they don’t know the world without smartphones or digital social media networks, they can never be connected. They are multitasking and multiscreen.

They feel like citizens of the planet , they believe that what one does, institutions and companies included, affects everyone, they are aware of the problems of society and that each one must help solve them and they are hyper-connected, but at the same time they feel alone .

Generation Alpha

How to "hook" with Generations XYZ, Z, and Alpha
These are them


The Alpha generation is made up of people who were born after 2010. This is the first generation of digital natives.

These children, children of millennials, see the world through a screen; technology is an extension of their way of knowing the world.

The Alpha is raised in homes where the traditional roles of parents are less clear than decades back, where tasks and work are divided like never before, which foster a sense of balance between work and family.

Advertising to Different Generations?

Every generation has its own unique characteristics. Brands should address them all differently regardless of whether they are using Influencer marketing strategies.

A firm using influencers for advertising should ensure that the phrases and formats they use are highly targeted, particularly if they work under a CPA model (Pay Per Action), and their income is directly dependent on what they get. The advertiser.

Companies have been noticing a growing trend in advertising that shows tangible results from their ads. Currently, it is estimated that 25% of brands have completely abandoned traditional advertising, as they seek strategies and formats focused on giving results “here and now”, they are no longer willing to pay only for “likes” or followers ” ephemeral “.

Generation X advertisements, for instance, make nostalgia an incentive to purchase. The consumer will be more likely to buy if the product invokes emotion.

The Gen X generation is practical, and it’s appropriate for advertising to display the product wherever possible. Gen X grew up without internet and prefer to shop in brick-and mortar stores. However, they have become more open to shopping online if that’s easier or more profitable.

Adults like to be smart, and to lead others. Gen X prefers making purchases that are green or good for the environment.

Generation X enjoys classic advertising, including radio and television commercials. Don’t expect brands to try and surprise you by offering contests, prizes, live streaming, or a discount for re-posting.

GenY advertisers should remember that these are the most financially active audiences today. They also enjoy reading. Contact with Gen Y should include articles, information on choosing products, and reviews.

Gen Y people value opinions from well-known personalities so if a brand is able to invite a celebrity specialist for its advertising integration, it will succeed.

Personalization is a great strategy because Generation Y Internet users are obsessed with their egos. Companies can address the recipients by their names, keep track of their orders, and make personalized offers.

How to "hook" with Generations XYZ, Z, and Alpha
These are them


Generation Z ads work best when they’re published in video format, as they are digital natives.

The IAB Mexico reports that this generation is more dependent on their smartphones than ever before. If they leave them behind at home, they will return them for them.

These people love videos, and will consume any type of video regardless of how long it is. These people make less online purchases, however, they use more payment methods, with the emphasis on purchases made using prepaid cards, as well as a charge for mobile and fixed telephony.

Generation Z makes idols of themselves. Generation Z doesn’t like being dependent on anyone on the Internet. A partner with a sense for humor who does not follow too many rules has greater influence. Therefore, advertising, according to a study by Barkley , should show real people in everyday life situations to reach them, this was indicated by 80% of respondents.

IBM’s survey with NRF shows that 42% of Gen Z members are willing to play a brand-related game and 36% are willing to invent content for that game simply because it’s fun.

Gamification is the key driver for advertising in Gen Z. Companies like Google, Microsoft and Pepsi are engaging participants strongly to ensure that they remember the company.

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The 7 types of rest are a way to get rid of exhaustion. Balance your energy

Let me tell you something: You can sleep for hours without taking breaks, but you will also be physically and mentally tired. The problem is that today’s fast-paced world can make it difficult to cope with the demands of modern life.

Danie Franco via Unsplash

My belief is that quality sleep and taking time to rest are the best things a person can do in their own health. Many people struggle to get the sleep they need, whether it is out of guilt or insecurity, fear, worry, or any other reasons.

7 Types of Rest

It is difficult to determine the right type of rest that is best for your body, mind, and spirit. It is important to understand the differences between each of the seven types, as they serve different purposes.

It has been a common belief that to recharge your energy, you need to get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night. However, it isn’t the only method. As you’ll see, you can also rest with your eyes closed.

Let’s look at the seven types of rest that you can use to maximize your energy benefits.

The first type is physical rest

This category has two types: active or passive.

The passive physical rest is sleeping or napping. Active rest is when you are doing things like yoga, mindfulness and stretching.

Second Type: Mental Rest

Mindfulness is a time when you take a break from your daily routine to relax and unplug as much of your mind as you can. This can be achieved by shifting your focus and letting go of worries, tasks, or problems temporarily.

You feel exhausted and unable to recover from the stress of work.

It is recommended that breaks should be taken for at least 20 minutes each hour of work. If you are doing it virtually, you can do so every hour and a half. Stretch, move your body and take a walk.

Do not distract your mental energy by watching TV, or any other distractions. You will be putting it back to work.

Third Type: Sensory Rest

It is impossible to completely turn off our senses of the world. However, it’s possible to reduce brightness, screen size, and noises interrupting or exhausting the environment.

You can do this by closing your eyes and taking a few pauses. Next, breathe in deeply for about ten seconds. Repeat this throughout the day.

Another option is to consciously disable all screens and only use one screen at a given time. You can also set a time limit for when you will turn off your cell phone. You can have conscious moments of sensory deprivation.

Fourth Type: Creative Rest

It is essential to any innovation process and the generation of ideas. This can be stimulated by stimulating curiosity, critical thinking, and the ability to see situations from multiple perspectives. This happens when information is being processed and inspiration is lacking. You need to step out of your normal environment to understand the situation.

You can use breaks to take a break, go for a walk, hear music and listen to art. You are the gratos in your life.

These small acts can help you reposition yourself and increase your creativity. You will find that you can feel more at ease with the situations than forcing them, which is exactly what drains your energy.

5th type: emotional rest

Many people experience exhaustion because they are attached to the events, seek approval or aware of what the outside gaze is.

The goal of emotional rest is to start to improve your self-awareness and to explore the difficult aspects of your past and present lives. This will allow you to be more balanced and able to build and strengthen your feeling of being.

It is important to learn to say no and not to try to please everyone. Healthy self-esteem is more important than selfishness.

You will find a deeper inner strength, a lighter touch in dealing with situations and more freedom to let go of the things that weigh you down from your past. This will allow you to develop your emotional intelligence and help you rest better.

Sixth Type: Social Rest

Social rest, which is closely linked to the first type, means being aware of your relationships and what they are draining you. It also refers to the ability for you become more in touch with those who nourish and support you. Your link to social media networks is also included. This can sometimes lead you to become dependent.

To be able to relax, it is important to surround yourself with people who are positive and understand you.

You should also give yourself the freedom to choose what you would like to do, and to say no to others, based on how you feel. Avoiding social obligations that are not necessary or of which you don’t have a genuine interest, allows you to live experiences according to what you want.

Social media allows you to set specific times during the day when you want to connect. You can set rest hours on certain apps for your phone.

Seventh Type: Spiritual Rest

The moment of soul spa is here. You can connect to something greater than your body or mind through this instance of rest. You will find a deep, intimate space that allows you to be present with yourself, while also allowing forgiveness and focusing on the greater purpose for which you were created.

You can achieve spiritual rest by serving others, volunteering, or raising awareness. This energy recharges your batteries and balances daily wear and tear. You will feel a sense of fulfillment, as you have probably experienced it before.

Even though it might seem that you have less time for rest, research has shown that those who take regular breaks are more happy and more energetic. You can take these breaks and it is possible to do so.

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Idea for a business! Online selling of a Mexican cookbook

By Marissa Sanchez


The National Institute of Statistics and Geography, (INEGI) states that one in 18 Mexicans lives outside of their home country. According to UNAM’s Center for Research on North America, (CISAN), Mexico is one of four countries that export brains to the rest of the world, just below India, Great Britain and the Philippines.

Today, it’s possible to keep in touch with Mexicans living on different continents via the internet. A Mexican cookbook online is a great business idea. This is all about creating and maintaining a website where Mexicans who live abroad can not only remember how to prepare a Mexican dish, but also purchase the ingredients.


The cookbook can be stored on an easy-to-use and maintain content management system. Manuel Siordia is the project leader of Infotypes. He recommends WordPress. To make it easy for users to find the right recipe, “it is important to create a system that organizes recipes into categories and tags.

Experts recommend investing in SEO (search engine optimization) to generate online traffic. This will ensure that Internet users continue to visit the website in search for specific recipes. You can do your own SEO without hiring a professional. However, it is important to label every recipe correctly and use keywords to think about what people might search for.

You will make money from selling advertising space within the cookbook. You can also sell mentions and banners to major ingredient producers as well as farmers and entrepreneurs who own organic products businesses. They must also have export permits for food and perishables.

It is possible to invest in different ways. It would not be unusual to have a site that is based on a template. The entrepreneur would then be responsible for feeding the website with recipes and images. Manuel estimates it to be between $ 10,000.00 to $ 15,000.00, depending on whether domain purchases, maintenance, and hosting services are needed.

Success examples

In Mexico: Kitchen and Share

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Here are 9 ways to win your first customer

It can be difficult to get your first customer. These ideas will help you to build your client list.

Distribute flyers

Although it may seem archaic, this strategy is very useful for businesses that want to be noticed. Distribute flyers to those who match your criteria and get closer to your target audience. They should be professionally written and designed (be sure to check your spelling!). Include your contact information: email, phone number, website, and social media.

Free samples

If they haven’t tried it, how can they tell if they love the product? Offer free samples, tastings or vouchers to get a service or product. For example, you could offer free trial classes. These promotions can be promoted through your social media networks.

Delivery Discounts

Make special offers for your customers. You could start delivering vouchers within 30 days of opening your shop. This will allow them to quickly test the product or service and ensure your first customers are generated within a matter of a month. Keep track of your customers and give them long-term special treatment.

Participate in business meetings

Expos, trade shows and other events that are related to your business can be a great way to give information to attendees about your company. Networking is one of the most valuable tools for finding new clients and even potential partners and investors. Don’t underestimate it!

Search for references

Make sure you get both the first buyers as well as professionals and experts from your industry to praise your brand. This will help build your network and bring in new customers. Ask industry experts to refer you.

Make a 30-second script

You must be clear about what you will say and how you expect to receive from any prospective client before you approach them. Three basic scripts should be created: one for buyers and one each for media and potential investors. It will be much simpler to present your first presentation.

Be your publicist

Reach out to larger media companies or other businesses that serve the same market and geographical area. Let them know about your company, and what you can do to help. Your personal contacts can be used as business contacts. You can call, write or send them a personal email. Tell them about your business and invite them to share their information.

Make use of social networks

It is a fact that if your company doesn’t have social media, then it does not exist. It’s that simple! It’s easy! Ask friends to share your information and retweet it or recommend it on their blogs. These platforms allow you to search for people who fit your criteria.

Exchange business card

Nothing is more professional than meeting a potential client without a card. No, “I just finished” does not excuse you. It is important that your handwriting is clear, legible and contains accurate information. Make sure it looks professional and is easy to find. Check out these 9 tips for your business cards .

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Mexican music to celebrate Independence

Already, it smells pozoliza

This year, we are celebrating the Independence of Mexico. We cannot wait for delicious Mexican dishes like chiles En Nogada and mole poblano.

Mexicans celebrate the Mexican Night every September 15. It is a celebration to remember the Grito de Dolores Miguel Hidalgo made at 11pm to start the insurgent struggle for Mexico’s independence.

We celebrate tonight because it is a time when we can enjoy delicious food from our own kitchen. But, more importantly, we do so with friends and family, and lots of music.

This playlist is for you to enjoy a tasty pozole while shouting: Viva Mexico

Photo via GIPHY

Follow us on Spotify as Entrepreneur Mx .

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How to Make Your Business Successful Crisis-Proof

How to Make Your Business Successful

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

How do you respond to an earthquake or a tidal surge that threatens your business? The tsunami that formed after the Tohoku earthquake in Japan caused the worst nuclear accident since Chernobyl 1986.

Or we would have been out of business in 45 days. The years of sweat and blood spent building an entrepreneurial dream are about to disappear into the void.

What was the best way to solve the greatest crisis without any resources or knowledge? How can we transform collapse into unprecedented sales and profits? My business was a sole importer of Japanese products. Our business was in crisis even though it wasn’t physically.

Each owner will relate to current crises and the inability to prepare for them. It is nearly impossible to find people, information, and ways of getting through this crisis when there are no clear answers.

When crisis problems become tangled, they look like impossible knots on a fishing line. A fisherman can solve an impossible knot by “cutting the fishing line.” Usually, cutting the line means that you are out of business.

The problem of the impossible knot was caused by low inventories and a broken supply chain. We had no other options but to get new inventory. Customers were afraid of future contamination after the nuclear accident. We had low cash reserves and the banks refused to lend us any loan. To top it off, the Yen-USD exchange rate crashed, meaning that a $10,000 investment would result in $7,698 of product. In a highly competitive marketplace, we would have to increase our prices and not tell customers when orders will be received.

Below is my process, with examples and tangible results.

Reduce complex problems down to bite-sized pieces

Complex problems can be difficult to solve as they often arise from dozens of small issues. We were like many small business owners, with limited resources, time, and money. It was easier to break down each problem and make it manageable. It can become stressful, frightening, and mentally draining to look at one problem.

Here’s how I solved the problem:

  1. Cash

  2. Inventory

  3. Chain of supply

  4. Customer service/concerns

  5. Marketing and sales

Because you are able to quickly assess and then take appropriate action, smaller issues can be easier to resolve.

We were able eliminate supply chain and inventory problems by analysing chunks. We realized sales were more than a sign of cash flow problems. The customer problem wasn’t a “symptom”, it was caused by things we could not control.

It was much easier to resolve the one problem that we had control over — cash — than it was to try and solve every other issue.

Be bold and imaginative in your problem solving.

You have the chance to be liberated in times of business crisis. The worst case scenario is closing. You know this and you can prepare for it if things go as normal.

You’ll be completely unaffected by the usual reservations that you might have about disrupting what works. Because we are already at the most risk, we have freedom to innovate. Because the risk is shifting, being bold and creative can be safer than normal operations.

We had enough cash to order inventory, but we could not get the inventory. It would be sitting in the bank, and probably getting drained. We knew that our partner companies needed money to expand. What did we do then? They were given loans for 2-3 months.

We believed that the money was gone, and that it wouldn’t come back. But we still had to take that risk even with some cash. It was easier to make rudimentary loans, and reissue them so that we could purchase inventory. It was quite counterintuitive to solve a cash problem with cash. However, it worked.

We also worked with people who wanted to invest in new areas. We devised a strategy where the individuals could purchase products wholesale, and then we would just make it available to them in our regular operations from our warehouse. They got the wholesale profit, and we got the retail profit. This worked well that most people continued to reinvest even during the crisis.

Nine months after we were able to order again, we purchased significantly more inventory. All of this was powered by wholesale investments as well as retail pre-orders. We were able to reduce our costs by placing larger orders and made a profit through loans, wholesale investments and retail sales.

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Your most valuable tools are your website and email lists.

A website that works and an email list that is quality can solve all your problems. Because they drive revenue generation on demand, they’re worth more than cash. These assets are your only direct asset and essential to any modern, stable business.

Different purposes are served by social media. Social media is used to reach an audience that you might not otherwise be able to. These tools have the potential for gaining rapid, explosive exposure. They are crucial components of building your email list and website. The website is not capable of generating the same instant exposure on its own.

Social media has two issues. The first is that you don’t have anything. You can rent your profile, followers and content. All of your content can be removed at any moment, and for whatever reason the platform determines appropriate. One: Engagement results aren’t as great as your email and website because everyone is competing for your attention.

Our YouTube channel had millions of viewers and our Facebook page was the most popular in the sector with over 100,000 fans. These were essential in growing both our website and customer base. Social media was the problem — it got only a tenth of the engagement as email or the website. Although followers and views are a wonderful ego boost, they wouldn’t be enough to save the company.

We were only able create tangible business savings because we were able adapt, grow and modify our website according to the situation.

What if there was no email or website? We wouldn’t be able reach enough people to fix the problem with our other solutions. These assets are so important and have such an impact on the ability of a company to thrive and survive, that I made website design and development my core service when I founded it in 2015.

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Be direct and face the problems with customers.

Everybody knows that life can be unpredictable and messy. Making it seem like there is nothing wrong will only make the situation worse. We will often avoid talking with customers and hide information to be safe from the inevitable response. The situation will eventually come out, and you risk losing their faith and trust if they don’t know.

Take immediate action, and communicate clearly with your situation. Even if there isn’t a good reason, be overly communicative.

Our customer base included 8,500 customers. Every single person on our customer list was contacted by me via email, phone, or text. They were like team members within our company. They were treated like team members, even though they weren’t warts. In the end they became so involved in our business that we started holding online “war room meetings.” Customers began to feel like they were part of the team, sharing in our successes and our failures. Even though they didn’t know when their orders would arrive, the result was record-breaking.

Humans have an inexhaustible capacity to be kind, understanding and loyal. It is not something that anyone gives away. It must be earned.

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The Digital Team is Getting Some Game-Changing Information These are the best ways to take advantage of them.

The Digital Team is Getting Some Game-Changing Information
These are the best ways to take advantage of them.

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Digital is crucial to the success of your company. Yet, I am constantly confronted by large companies who make mistakes in their digital departments.

This is why it keeps happening. It seems that digital teams don’t always make the best digital advocates. They would be better at self-promotion if they knew they had valuable insights about brand and consumer presence that every company could use.

It could also be the case that while digital may share relevant data constantly, these reports do not reach the correct people. Your organization will be at significant disadvantage if your digital operations don’t match your overall business strategy.

These are five ways that you can immediately reduce the distance between your digital team and those of other departments.

1. Incorporate digital into your business.

Leaders often refer to silos in an organization when discussing marketing and sales. In bad situations, these teams can work independently and, in worse cases, will compete with one another. My experience is that digital often falls under the umbrella of communications or marketing and can be misaligned.

Digital is too often kept in silos or forgotten. All operational functions should be in direct communication with the digital team, including fulfillment, talent acquisition and customer success. This includes sales, marketing, and even sales. Because the customer feedback that the digital team receives could have implications for any one of these departments.

Imagine this: You’re part the digital team at a resort, and guests complain about not having enough umbrellas. You can see these comments everywhere from Instagram posts to Yelp reviews and TripAdvisor comments.

These social media insights can only be shared within a siloed company. The team will discuss public comments, and decide whether or not to remove them. That’s all there is to it.

Marketing would communicate this information with operations in an optimal organization. The conversation would then be centered on ways to increase the number of umbrellas.

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2. To find out what people are searching for you online, audit your digital presence.

Digital is often thought of as the capture of an organisation’s website or social media channels. However, digital can and should be used to reflect all aspects your web presence. It is particularly true of the top Google search pages, since investors, journalists, customers and other stakeholders are looking at more information than you have.

Here are some questions you might want to ask:

  • Google will generate “related searches” for brands that match your brand.

  • Are there Google Knowledge Panels that are generated by searches related to your brand?

  • Is there a Wikipedia article in the knowledge panel?

  • Do your social media channels appear on the first page?

  • Have you got a Glassdoor Page?

Read those questions over again, and then ask who is responsible for keeping an eye on that data. These answers will be extremely pertinent to your business. Therefore, you should ask your digital team for a quarterly report, with specific comments and feedback, to the leadership.

3. Get involved in feedback.

Negative feedback can be viewed as either a problem or an opportunity to improve your business and please customers and employees.

This is perhaps the most prominent example. There have been many companies that I know of who are willing to overlook negative comments on Glassdoor. While you can’t please everyone, Glassdoor is a great way to collect unfiltered employee feedback.

Consider this: You notice an increase in negative Glassdoor reviews. It is possible that they are all coming from one location. Perhaps the issue isn’t employees complaining. It could be that there’s a problem with HR in Louisiana. You can improve and maintain high levels of service by making sure that your employees are satisfied.

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4. Do not be afraid to reduce your appearance.

Are you still able to create a Slideshare profile? Are you on Vimeo? FourSquare?

These accounts may have been forgotten by you, but Google still has them. These accounts could still show up in search results pages for your brand on the second and third pages. It is important that you actually delete these accounts and not abandon them.

If Facebook is no longer an integral part of your digital operations, you may want to close them down. Many organizations continue to maintain these pages even though engagement has dropped to the single digits. Consider if your customers can’t find you on Facebook, and your page isn’t serving any purpose. Instead of continuing to maintain it, focus your efforts on those platforms that are moving the needle.

5. To rule it all, create one set of guidelines.

You probably have social media guidelines and policies for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Do you have any policies for Reddit posts? Glassdoor, and other job-review sites. What about Wikipedia? These platforms are a headache for employees who “go rogue”.

This is how you can address it. You can cover other areas of your digital footprint by using the same policies that you use for social media platforms. They don’t have to be all negative. It’s possible (and encouraged) to engage with your employees. Encourage employees to interact with corporate content and share updates via LinkedIn. You can also encourage them to post photos of their office on Google Business.

These guidelines must also contain responsibilities. It is important to identify who monitors Glassdoor or Indeed, and then pass on summaries and details of the most recent posts.

These five tips will help you to understand how digital communication can be an important channel. It is a way for you and your stakeholders to learn about each other, helping you improve your business.

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How to transform your office into a collaboration Destination

How to transform your office into a collaboration

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

70% of executives plan to get employees back to their desks at least part-time by fall 2021, according to a LaSalle Network survey. JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs and others are well on the way to moving their employees out of their homes into office space.

These corporate titans, my question: Why keep the status quo? Gallup Polls show that nearly half of America’s workers want to work from home. This was originally a way to prevent Covid-19 transmission. It has now become a daily routine.

My information technology consulting company’s office was a rethinking of the traditional idea of an office. This could lead to people being forced back into old office space, which would be a loss of many talent. We could be creative, collaborative, and compassionate leaders that can drive competitive advantage.

As the founder and CEO of Windward Consulting, I believe executives have a fleeting opportunity to reinvent the modern workspace. This opportunity is mine. I am transforming my old corporate office into a collaborative destination. The new workplace vision is based on collaboration and holistic assessments of employee well-being.

Make sure people have the opportunity to do their best work.

Leaders must be able to hear what their employees are saying and offer suggestions on how to make them more productive during times of change, particularly in the workplace. We must listen to our employees.

My employees don’t like to return to the office. During the pandemic they showed that they are able work remotely. They never miss a moment working remotely.

Are we missing the human connection? Yes.

Zoom meetings are great. However, the platform makes it difficult to foster the type of office banter and camaraderie that build trust. Online happy hours can only take you so far when building a team. Ideally, colleagues should meet to share their thoughts, laughter, and bonds — but they also need to be able to work remotely.

Our unique way of working remotely while maintaining company culture will be facilitated by a flexible gathering space that goes beyond offices and coworking spaces. It’s called a collaboration spot. This is not the place where you work. We won’t have enough desks to accommodate everyone in the office from Monday to Friday.

Collaboration destination is small space that allows for collaboration (about 3,000 sq. ft.). It’s packed with technology, conference rooms, and desks but light on office supplies and workstations. This space is like a private Starbucks, inviting and eclectic with lots of ideas. Maybe we will even have a barista.

Collaboration destinations are a perk and not a requirement. This allows for genuine connection to be fostered and encourages creativity. However, designing and building a collaborative destination is only the first step. You can’t make it happen on its own. It must be the main theme of your workplace culture. This should then be supported with a progressive remote program, and an extensive look at workplace wellbeing.

Remote work policies are dead. Instead, create a remote collaboration program

Your workforce should have control over those processes that most affect them. This is how collaboration destinations work. Your employees will be able to collaborate and innovate with the help of schedules and offices that are flexible for them.

Although I work remotely, I do not believe in creating a remote policy. The “three days in, two days out” hybrid approach taken by companies like Apple is senseless. This rigid schedule is designed to please leadership, create policies and maximize productivity. It does not address work/life balance.

My goal is to allow people the freedom and control they need, not like some companies that have remote policies. It doesn’t matter if I work three days in a commercial office or at home. Zoom calls can be used for announcements and walking through process steps. Also, this is not the place to make connections.

Develop a program for remote collaboration instead of mandating remote policies. Leadership and employees have contributed to the creation of our remote collaboration program. This program is open to all employees and meets their needs regarding meeting times, equipment and scheduling. Although our program may not work for your organization, it will help you and your employees to find the best solution.

Our remote collaboration program was the inspiration for our collaboration destination. It is supported by it. My productivity in the workplace is incredibly low. My best work is done at home alone. However, I enjoy gathering with people, which I also heard from my colleagues. We decided to make the most of our office by making a place where everyone can meet whenever they like. This is a place to get away from the office walls and a chance for colleagues to talk about their Netflix binges. It also serves as a space where they can invent with each other while enjoying a great cup of coffee.

Take employee issues into consideration.

Leadership must ensure that employees are well-respected in order to create a collaborative destination. You won’t have the time to monitor your employees eight hours per day. And who would want to? You must be especially attentive to your employees’ mental and physical well-being.

Do you often see your employees sitting at their kitchen tables and answering phones on the couch, shushing their antsy children? You are fooling yourself if you believe is their problem, and not mine.

Leaders must understand and accept that families will take care of themselves first. This is what they should. Also, we must address any business consequences. If employees are hunched over laptops at the kitchen table, they won’t be able to perform their best work. They won’t be able focus if their children are jumping off the wall.

Collaboration is essential for our employees. Pay attention to your employees. Which equipment is needed? Are they eligible for a loan in order to remodel their home and create an office at home? Are they required to change their work schedule to accommodate childcare?

It’s not as frightening as you might think. It will make employees more productive, creative and loyal by addressing their personal needs. This will be reinforced by providing them with an environment where they can recharge and refresh themselves.

Future is about collaboration

My opinion about the importance and value of company headquarters has drastically changed over the past year. My team used to be physically close to me from Monday through Friday. It’s now that we need to think beyond the status quo, and consider the whole environment that we are creating for our employees.

Even after a pandemic, gathering areas are vital, but must be managed in an appropriate manner. Leaders can break old rules now that the pandemic has shaken the profession and begin to identify the best path forward for employees and their company. My company believes that moving forward requires us to leave our offices. This means allowing my employees to be flexible while still maintaining culture and the desire for collaboration. This means accepting a collaborative destination and supporting the culture.

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