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Cabin crew secrets: How hand luggage could cause this terrifying problem

Most airlines charge higher rates for suitcases, so it makes sense for many to stick within their hand luggage means.

However, this often means that more suitcases are being put into overhead lockers – something which could cause a problem on board in the event of an emergency.

An unnamed woman who worked as a flight attendant for seven years, explained in online forum Quora that sometimes slightly heavier bags could result in some terrifying consequences.

She stated: “As an ex-cabin crew safety trainer, the amount of hand luggage coming into the cabin horrifies me.

“Charging passengers extra to put luggage in the hold is a disaster waiting to happen. The overhead lockers are the worst place.

“Ideally, you should only take enough stuff into the cabin that you might need during the flight. Sweets, a book, a laptop. And that should be on the floor under the seat in front for take off and landing.

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More passengers are filling overhead bins with hand luggage – which concerns one flight attendant (Image: Getty Images)

“But now airlines want us to cram everything into a wheelie bag and load it into the overheads.

“Sooner or later, a pilot is going to slam an aircraft into the tarmac a bit hard, or have to make an emergency landing and all those lockers are coming down on the heads of passengers. Broken necks, smashed skulls, etc.

“Or, if everyone is in the brace position, they could end up trapped while fire rages. Would you really want to be in that situation?”

She added: “I prefer an aisle seat these days. And I pay to put my luggage in the hold. No more than the essentials in the cabin.”

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In 2018, experts called for airlines to introduce remotely controlled overhead bins – but not just for safety concerns.

In a report entitled “Emergency Evacuation of Commercial Passenger Aeroplanes” by the Royal Aeronautical Society, experts wanted the bins to be locked to stop passengers trying to take their bags with them during an emergency evacuation.

According to the report, the growing amount of hand luggage being taken onto planes is posing new challenges to both flight crew and cabin crew in emergency evacuations.

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Hand luggage rules vary from airline to airline and more savvy passengers are revealing ways to boost luggage capacity without packing any less.

One flight attendant revealed her fears over potential injuries due to the increase of hand luggage (Image: Getty Images)

One traveller explained their hack on Reddit, revealing a specialist way of packing socks and shoes.

The Reddit user wrote: “When packing with limited space, stuff your shoes with two pairs of balled socks. Helps shoes maintain their shape and also saves space.”

By combining socks into pairs and rolling them into a ball, travellers can fit three pairs of ankle socks within a standard pair of trainers.

That means more space for extra items and less chance of being pulled up for oversized bags at check-in.

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Adam Ewart, CEO and Founder of SendMyBag, is a luggage expert who knows a thing or two about packing.

He explained: “Rolling your clothes (not folding) is another great way to maximise the space in your bag. You can apply the same principle to your socks and underwear and then tuck them inside your shoes.

“These smart techniques will save you space in the rest of your bag and keep money in your pocket.”

However, it isn’t just socks that can benefit from this space-saving method.

One Reddit user suggested filling shoes will boxers, belts, accessories, watches and toiletries.

While another explained: “I prefer toiletries as the shoes act more as a preventative package. My electric razor usually ends up in one shoe.”

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