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Cabin crew secrets: The ‘secret’ seats onboard that passengers might not know about

Air travel comes with a variety of options for passengers to choose where they sit. While the economy offers basic seating with, sometimes, limited legroom, for an extra fee travellers can upgrade to business or first class where the seats are far more luxurious.

However, while frequent fliers may be aware of these options, a cabin crew member has revealed that there are some seats tucked out of the way that you might not realise are there.

The flight attendant revealed all in a Reddit forum.

They wrote: “On larger aircraft, there are secret compartments where your cabin crew and flight crew are able to get much-needed rest.”

On long flights, crew members may have flown through multiple time zones and be surviving on little sleep

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Cabin crew secrets: There are hidden areas on the plane for the crew to rest in (Image: Getty Images / Reddit @FORDxGT)

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Cabin Crew: The rest area has beds for the crew to sleep in (Image: Reddit @FORDxGT)

Therefore they are offered a break in which time they may choose to get some extra shut-eye in one of the “secret” crew rest areas.

These secret compartments are hidden in various sections of the plane, depending on which aircraft you are travelling on.

Onboard a Boeing 777 the hidden crew compartment is located above the ceiling of the first-class cabin.

The crew member explains: “There are two beds behind the seats as well as personal entertainment screens for each seat.”

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Boeing 777s tend to have between six and ten beds within the cramped quarters.

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Meanwhile, the secret rest area on board a Boeing 787 is located above economy class.

It comprises of two fully flat beds, divided by a small wall for privacy.

The beds also have seat belts attached to them, just in case the plane hits some unexpected turbulence along the way.

Cabin crew: The rest area on board boeing 777 (Image: Reddit @FORDxGT)

Unfortunately, if you were hoping to get a first-hand look at one of these areas, you may be disappointed.

Passengers tend to be restricted from accessing crew rest compartments by regulations.

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The entrances are often secured by locks and may also require ascending a ladder for access.

You may have passed by one of these doors without even realising it, as they blend in with the rest of the features of the galley and are easily mistaken for a cupboard.

While the beds certainly look enticing when compared with an economy seat, flight attendants don’t always enjoy the experience of sleeping in them.

A British Airways cabin crew member described sleeping in the crew rest area as like “sleeping in a coffin.”

However, another flight attendant on Reddit said: “I’ve spent flights in the flight crew rest of the 777, it’s amazing it’s just so quiet.”

Though they hastily added: “Although I have to say it can get a bit scary if you start to think about any bad stuff that could happen since you’re by yourself in a locked room.”

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