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Call of Duty Mobile controller news as fans wait on COD Zombies update

Call of Duty Mobile controller news as fans wait on COD Zombies update 1

Call of Duty Mobile made an impressive debut when it launched on Android and iOS devices back in October 2019.

But now fans are looking to the future and want to know when the next big features and content are being released.

One part of the game COD Mobile fans want to see improve is the current controller support options.

A possibility on PC when using an Android emulator, fans are still unable to use Bluetooth controllers on mobile devices.

The good news is that Activision has shared an update on the situation, confirming that work is being done.

The downside is that we still haven’t been given a release date for when COD Mobile controller support will be implemented.

According to the Call of Duty Mobile team, fans are looking to see the game improve options in both the controller department and when logging into the game.

“Over the last two community updates we’ve addressed several pieces of feedback that the community had been inquiring about and there are still a few continuously coming up: controller support and login options,” a message from the COD support team explains.

“We’d just like to reiterate that both are still being worked on.

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“We hear you and we also care a great deal about both topics, which is why we are taking the time to make sure they are both fully fleshed out, balanced, and ready to go before announcing anything.”

And without any further news from the Call of Duty team, it’s hard to guess when full controller support will be coming to the game.

Most fans are hoping to hear more in the coming weeks and it would certainly benefit the game’s popularity too.

Relying on touchscreen puts off a lot of traditional gamers, most of which already have some kind of Bluetooth controller setup.

So for COD Mobile to continue its healthy start in the market, controller support will be needed.

And it’s not just new features that fans want to hear more about in 2019.

Call of Duty Mobile is getting a Zombies Mode and it’s something that has been part of the game since earlier testing was done in 2019.

But it has yet to reach the live platforms and is currently greyed out as an option to gamers.

From what we have heard so far, it won’t include the traditional wave-based gameplay but will benefit from classic maps.

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This would certainly help the game stand out from the other mobile shooters it currently has to compete with.

One idea that has been circulating online is that Activision is waiting for the first major events to wrap up before adding more content.

This could mean saving COD Mobile Zombies for Season 2, which is reportedly kicking off near the end of this month.

Unfortunately, none of this has come directly from the development team, meaning it’s just a rumour for now.

But it would prove very popular with fans to kick off Season 2 of the game with Zombies content.

The current Halloween content planned for Call of Duty Mobile is scheduled to run until November 25, 2019.

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