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Call of Duty Mobile UPDATE: COD event news as new Android and iOS version rolls out

Call of Duty Mobile update news (Image: ACTIVISION)

Call of Duty Mobile gamers are reporting a small update being released today on iOS. The same version has yet to arrive on Android for everyone, leaving some gamers unable to play together. This is likely due to there being an incompatibility between the two versions, with one of them being too old. This problem is seen in other games like PUBG Mobile and will disappear when everyone has been given access to today’s small patch.

Activision has also confirmed that a new Valentine’s Day event is coming to COD Mobile this week.

A trailer has been released via the game’s social media sites that suggest it will be going live today.

“Battery is bringing the love. Valentine’s Day events starting later today,” the message reads and is accompanied by a short trailer.

According to a few leaks, the new Call of Duty Mobile update will add a special Ranked Mode Selection option to the game

This will be a limited-time event and include choices like Team Deathmatch, Domination and Search & Destroy.

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The new event will reportedly start on February 14 and will also introduce a new way to unlock special cosmetic items.

Love tokens will become a short use currency that will give you access to new skins, with the event lasting just under two-weeks.

The Cupid Event will also come with Daily login bonuses, including credits and skins, although much remains a mystery.

It should also be pointed out that beyond the short trailer, much of this latest news is based on leaks and should be taken with a pinch of salt until confirmed by Activision.

A new community update is expected to be shared by the COD Mobile team in the coming days which will list more news about the event.

Here are the teasers that Activision has shared so far for its plans for Valentine’s Day, telling fans: “This day of love, kindness, and gifting people various goodies is coming up!

“Currently, there is a login event in-game offering your credits and crates for logging in and our Valentine Draw featuring Battery’s Valentine skin and the S36 – Phobos, a weapon that covers your slain enemies in a lovely pink glow.

“We have more events coming on Valentine’s Day itself, on February 14th (UTC), and we’ll be sure to have more to share about that next week before they begin. Just get ready, keep your eyes peeled, and login now to grab those free items.”

Activision has also teased that a new season of content is being planned and that means a much larger update is on the horizon.

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We don’t know when this might arrive but it doesn’t sound like it will be happening till after the latest event has ended.

“While we move towards a new season of content, we generally stop seeing any “new” bugs,” Activision adds.

“There are still several under investigation, being fixed and just need a patch to deploy it or are rare to the point where we have trouble firmly identifying it as a single issue.

“Two of these types of rare bugs are crashing and freezing. Sometimes those may occur for low-end devices that are just below the minimum recommendations or straddling the line, but for either of those issues, we will assist you however we can through our Player Support channels, whether that is in-game or on that website.”

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