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Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone UPDATE patch notes revealed in full

Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone have been updated by Activision and Infinity Ward.

The big new Call of Duty update is available to download right now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

According to the Call of Duty patch notes, the new update adds the Endowment ‘Fearless’ Pack.

The update also adds the new Aisle 9 Gunfight Map, as well as a new multiplayer map titled Hardhat.

Elsewhere, Infinity Ward has modified Special Operations.

As you can see from the patch notes below, some enemies may charge more frequently and can only be taken down with headshots.

Needless to say, playlists have also been updated to include the Realism Moshpit with NVG, Reinfected Ground War, Core Ground War, Blueprint Gunfight, Aisle 9 Face Off Moshpit, and Hard Hat 24/7.

You can see the full list of Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone patch notes below.


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• Call of Duty Endowment “Fearless” Pack is now available!

• New Gunfight Map, Aisle 9!

• New Multiplayer Map, Hardhat!

• Modified Special Operations! Replay existing Operations with a twist! Some enemies may charge more frequently or maybe they can only be taken down with headshots. Check out new Modified Special Operations and earn new rewards each week!


Modern Warfare

• Realism Moshpit with NVG

• Reinfected Ground War

• Core Ground War

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• Blueprint Gunfight

• Aisle 9 Face Off Moshpit!

• Hard Hat 24/7!


• BR Solos

• BR Trios

• BR Quads

• Blood Money Quads

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• Armor Box (available via loot on the ground and purchasable at Buy Stations): Resupply the entire team’s armor

• Added Most Wanted contracts back (in addition to the other 3 contracts, none have been removed)

Loot Update

• Added the new SKS (legendary only)

• Updated 5 New Blueprints:

• AX-50 – Epic

• Kilo 141 – Legendary

• FAL – Epic

• MP7 – Legendary

• AUG- Epic

• Gulag Loadouts – the Gulag will now randomly choose from 6 ARs and 4 SMGs. All automatic, no burst or single fire guns included

• Kilo 141

• M4

• AK-47

• M13


• Ram-7

• MP5


• P90

• Striker 45


• Infected and Gun Game now feature playlist text to reinforce that KDR and win loss are not affected

• Blueprint variants of Gun Game and Gunfight can now be enabled in custom match advanced options for their respective modes

• Added the fire throwing knife to restricted equipment for CDL

• Fix for the ‘Splash Guard’ shotgun weapon camo not applying properly to the weapon

• Fixed a bug where on occasion, your selected Operator would not appear in the squad walk

• Added a ‘Hold to Use’ option that allows you to choose between a hold or a press for the interaction button on keyboard and mouse

• Adjusted the Monitor Distance Coefficient slider option to maximum value from 2.00 to 5.00

• Out of map exploit fixes across various maps

• Fixed a bug where players could take the ATV out of the map on Aniyah Palace

• Fix for an XP exploit in Hardpoint

• Fix for the ‘Time to Reap’ watch not displaying the time

• Fix for the ‘Blue Skies’ watch appearing backwards when worn

• Fix for some players spawning facing a wall while playing FFA on Talsik Backlot

• Demolition: Added VO to alert the defending team a bomb site was destroyed

• One in the Chamber: This mode is now available in custom games!

• Regular Infected playlist now has random care package drops!

• Gun Game Reloaded is now in the Quick Play filter.


• Fire throwing knife is now available in OSP mode

• Fixes to the Snapshot grenade so it functions as intended in OSP mode

Reinfected Ground War:

• Removed IAV and Counter UAV

• Added a hint to tutorialize how to sky dive in this mode

• Do not show death icon when a player uses Field Upgrade Tac Insert to skydive

• Deaths from Field Upgrade Tac Insert (skydive) no longer count as deaths on the scoreboard

• Kills & Deaths do not count against your lifetime records in this mode, this is purely to reflect the accurate KDR on the scoreboard

• Lower Juggernaut health in this mode only

• No longer give killstreak points on kills if the player is in your party

• Significantly lowered damage from killstreaks if the player called out the killstreak and then moved to the infected team

• Added ATV visibility on the map to avoid players hiding while riding the ATV


• Fix for Rodion’s Season 3, Objective 3 Mission from not tracking properly (“Purchase the Armor Bundle in Warzone 2 times while using Rodion as your Allegiance Operator”)

• Fix for the “Use the Dead Silence Field Upgrade in 3 different matches” not tracking properly



• Reduced the max ammo reserve

• MK3 Burst Mod – Significant hip spread increase

• MK3 Burst Mod – Small decrease to damage

• Reduced damage when Akimbo and MK3 Burst Mod are both equipped

• FAL: Decrease to ADS time

• SCAR: Decrease to ADS time

• LMGS: Lowered ammo count for reload warning on belt fed LMGs

• Reduced penalty for holding breath too long with sniper scopes

• Fix for the level 34 unlock of the Renetti showing the Merc Foregrip

VLK Rogue

• Increased rate of fire

• Increased close damage range for 12 gauge

• Increased damage range to 6” Revolt barrel

Holger 26

• Increased move speed

• Improved ADS time

• Slight recoil reduction


• FTAC 8.98” Spitfire Barrel

• Improved ADS time

• Faster movement

• Reduced hip spread

XRK Ultralight Barrel:

• Improved ads time

30 Round Magazine:

• Reduced sprint out time

• Improved ADS time

• Faster movement

• Improved hip spread profile

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