Home Gaming Call of Duty Modern Warfare patch notes for Season 5 and Warzone

Call of Duty Modern Warfare patch notes for Season 5 and Warzone

Call of Duty Modern Warfare patch notes for Season 5 and Warzone 1

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Season 5 patch notes have been shared today as the new COD update rolls out across PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The official notes confirm that the size of today’s download is between 30GB and 50GB, depending on which platform you use.

It also confirms the launch of the new Mini Battle Royale mode in Call of Duty Warzone this week, as part of a new playlist change.

A Mini Royale “Condenses the craziest parts of the main Battle Royale mode into faster-paced chunks of chaotic and almost constant combat.

“Mini Royale lowers the number of Operators sent into Verdansk but quickens the BR experience: Only the first and last five minutes of a normal BR game exist meaning rapid deployment, constant movement, and high-kill strategies are set to yield victories that are both short and sweet.”

Gamers will also notice that away from the new places to explore in Warzone and the new maps coming to Modern Warfare, some guns have been buffed.

According to the official Call of Duty Season 5 patch notes, developers Infinity Ward have Increased the effective damage range for all semi-auto DMR and semi-auto Sniper Rifles, as well as for the FR 5.56.

More weapon tuning has also been promised for the coming weeks, and later during Season 5.

A number of bugs have also been fixed, including removing the glitch where Stopping Power rounds disappeared when a weapon was dropped.

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Infinity Ward is also making changes to the Gulag, which now see a firm rotation in the weapons available during Season 5.

Gulag weapons will now rotate every week between four sets, which help keep things a little fresher.

A new Weapons Inspection option is also being released in August, which will give gamers a first look at Season Five’s Free New Armaments.

This will include the SO SMG, a “precision-crafted 9mm submachine gun with a rapid rate of fire. Lightweight, reliable and compact, this is designed to control the battlefield at close ranges.

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