Call of Duty Modern Warfare update: Patch Notes for COD Warzone Quads Playlist return

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare update: Big patch news, COD Warzone Quads return

UPDATE: A new Call of Duty Modern Warfare Playlist update is available to download now on PS4, Xbox One and PC. It brings back Battle Royale Quads to COD Warzone and also adds All or Nothing mode to MW multiplayer.

The full playlist patch notes can be found below and it should be noted that the larger rebalancing Call of Duty update that promises to nerf the Grau will be part of a future update.

  • Boots on the Ground War
  • Realism Mosh Pit
  • All or Nothing
  • Face Off
  • Stir-Crazy (10v10)
  • Plunder Quads (Replaces Blood Money)
  • BR Quads (Replaces Realism BR)

ORIGINAL: Call of Duty Modern Warfare gamers will soon have access again to COD Warzone Quads on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Having removed it temporarily for Realism Mode, Activision has now confirmed that an upcoming patch will reverse this change. It will mean that Battle Royale Warzone gamers will be able to drop into the map in teams of four again very soon.

Activision has also confirmed that the next Call of Duty update will add a new operator to the ranks, as well as fresh cosmetic bundles and MW multiplayer mode options.

Operator Kyle “Gaz” Garrick was promised as part of the COD Season 4 release, and will be available to purchase from the Call of Duty Store this week.

A message from Activision adds: “The ‘Gaz Operator’ bundle includes a skin for the Operator plus challenges you can complete to unlock additional skins.

“You’ll also instantly unlock two weapon blueprints the Fair Brass and the Tanker, and the Hit Sticks, a blueprint of the Kali Sticks. Get Gaz, new Legendary blueprints, and more when you purchase the ‘Gaz Operator’ bundle.

“Then, be ready to “eat” with the Delivery Boy SMG blueprint and Order Up handgun blueprint for a complete quick and aggressive loadout from ‘The Munchies’ bundle.

“Or get the highly agile Dynatron LMG blueprint and the extremely accurate Uncertain Futures SMG blueprint in the ‘Megacity Menace’ bundle.

“Both bundles are available in Store this week and feature blueprints that excel in mid-range Multiplayer maps and close encounters you may have in Warzone.”

When it comes to a release date, Activision hasn’t shared a set time or date for when these changes will be arriving.

Based on previous launches, this latest Call of Duty Modern Warfare update will be available to download on Tuesday, June 23, or, Wednesday, June 24.


While Call of Duty Warzone will be getting back Battle Royale Quads, most of this week’s changes are orientated toward Modern Warfare multiplayer modes.

This will include the debut of Team Tactical Gunfight playlist, and the Chaos 10v10 playlist.

All or Nothing is a Free-For-All mode where players are outfitted with only the barest of armaments to take down their opponents.

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