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Call of Duty Modern Warfare update: PS4 and Xbox patch news for COD Warzone

Call of Duty Modern Warfare update: PS4 and Xbox patch news for COD Warzone 1

A new weekly Call of Duty Modern Warfare update looks set to drop this week across all major platforms. From recent weeks, we can determine that a new Playlist patch could arrive as early as Tuesday, May 5, although it’s unclear at what time. If it is a small enough patch, Activision may choose to release its latest COD changes at around 6pm, GMT.

However, if the next Call of Duty Modern Warfare update is going to be meatier, it will be more likely to arrive at around 7am GMT, the following morning.

For now, Activision has not shared its plans for its next Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone update.

A news blog is usually shared on Monday or Tuesday, providing an idea on what is being worked on next.

Here’s the rough schedule developers Infinity Ward works to each week:

  • Tuesday – Playlist updates/Hotfixes
  • Thursday – Developer diary and/or behind the scenes blog
  • Friday – Community Update blog

While we can expect some new stuff to be added to Modern Warfare in the coming weeks, we know that one big Warzone change probably won’t be ready in the coming days.

COD fans have been waiting for the release of Warzone Duos, a mode that has yet to be released by Infinity Ward.

The good news is that the team has finally confirmed that they are working on bringing pairs to Warzone, via GamerGen.

The only downside is that they have also revealed that Warzone Duos is not ready to be released yet on PS4, Xbox One or PC.

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There are still bugs to work out before it can be added to the game, so COD gamers will need to carry on being patient.

Activision has also shared a list of issues that are currently being looked into by the development team.

The main problems currently being faced by COD fans is with connection to servers, something that will be a priority.

For the latest news on all the current Call of Duty problems being looked into by Infinity Ward, you can find the official known issues list below:

It says the latest update for the game is 170 GB – PC

  • We’re investigating an issue related to the download size of the latest update (3/26).

The update progress bar says 100% but I can’t launch the game – Xbox One

  • We’re investigating an issue affecting the update/download progress bar on Xbox One.

My rank dropped to 1 after a playlist update – PlayStation 4

  • We’re investigating an issue causing ranks to display as 1 after a playlist update. This is a visual error; ranks are not lost.
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