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Call of Duty Modern Warfare update today: Warzone patch news and COD playlist changes

Call of Duty Modern Warfare update today: Warzone patch news and COD playlist changes

Gamers can expect new playlist changes, discounted tiers and new featured bundles in Call of Duty Modern Warfare this week.

Activision has provided an update on what is being planned for this week’s COD patch, which is expected to go live later today, July 21.

From what has been shared so far, there will be no major new content released as part of the weekly rollout.

There could be some bug fixes and annoying glitch issues solved, but these will be more background things.

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While developers Infinity Ward aren’t expected to launch any new modes or weapons today, we do know about the other stuff coming in the next Modern Warfare update.

As revealed in a new blog post shared by Activision, Modern Warfare gamers can look forward to a number of playlist changes.

This includes Shoot the Ship 24/7 going live this week alongside 3v3 Gunfight Snipers Only, and Reinfected Ground War.

There will also be new bundles to buy from the Call of Duty Store across both Modern Warfare and Warzone.

You can find the latest news on what’s coming next to Call of Duty Modern Warfare below, courtesy of Activision:


Hop into 3v3 Gunfight Snipers Only to test your marksman skills. Talk it up with your teammates and best the arena to find your spot and pick off the enemy. Beware the glint.


Ground War gets reinfected in this large-map version of the popular Multiplayer party mode. Fight to survive until the time expires to claim victory. Consider mid-range weaponry to pick off foes at a distance or a deadly close-quarters option for anyone who tries to sneak up on you.


Close-quarters gunplay excels in both locales while marksman can find longer sightlines on Shoot House’s flanking routes. Take advantage of the more frequent engagements you’ll have on both maps to knock out some of this Season’s Officer Challenges and reap the XP rewards. Plus, search for successive kills in the Cranked playlist where you’ll have a short amount of time to get your next kill (or assist) or boom, you’ll explode.

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