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Call of Duty Warzone patch notes 1.20 and Modern Warfare Data Pack DLC news

Call of Duty Warzone patch notes 1.20 and Modern Warfare Data Pack DLC news 1

While it doesn’t look like the next Call of Duty Warzone update will bring Duos to PS4, Xbox One and PC, it will include some interesting tweaks. The new patch will be going live later today, April 28, and also includes changes for Modern Warfare multiplayer modes. And for those who own the full game, there will be two steps to updating your version of Modern Warfare and COD Warzone.

As explained by Activision, following the initial update released tomorrow, MW gamers will also need to install a Data Pack DLC to complete the process.

COD Warzone gamers will not need to complete the second phase and everyone will be able to play Warzone after the first part of the installation is complete.

However, there is also a good chance of server disruption when this new patch is released on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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Activision has not confirmed the chosen Modern Warfare update time for today but we would expect it to happen at 6pm GMT, or 7am GMT, on April 28.

“For this week’s update, owners of the full version of Modern Warfare will have two separate downloads in order to complete the update,” a message from Activision reveals.

“Once the update is live, players will download the patch as normal. Once that is completed, when an owner of the full version of Modern Warfare tries to access Multiplayer, Special Ops, or Campaign they will be prompted to download the Data Pack DLC.

“During the Data Pack DLC download, you’ll have access to Warzone, so jump into a match of Battle Royale or Plunder.

“When the download is complete, players must restart the game to access all modes of Modern Warfare.

“Free-to-play Warzone users will not have a secondary download to download the Data Pack DLC with this update.”

The big changes being made to Warzone today includes adjustments to the speed and sizing of the circle in Warzone.

This should be interesting as the early game is usually dictated by the brutal speed of the enclosing gas cloud, which is hard to outrun if you’re caught in it.

But this won’t be the only tweak, with Infinity Ward confirming that a new Contract is also being added:

You can find details of this and other changes being made in Modern Warfare below:

A New Warzone Contract

A new Contract has been added to Warzone – Most Wanted. Make yourself a Bounty Target for all teams in Verdansk when you activate this Contract and survive to get the ultimate reward – a redeployment for all of your fallen teammates. Learn some tips to master this Contract and what it means to be Most Wanted this week on the Games Blog. Pick up this Contract in a game of Battle Royale (Solos, Trios, or Quads) or Plunder Trios this week!

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