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Call of Duty Warzone patch notes 1.23 and Modern Warfare Data Pack DLC update

While today’s Call of Duty Warzone 1.23 update might not include all the improvement wanted by fans for COD Battle Royale, it does looks set to offer some much-wanted changes.

A big bonus from this week’s new patch is the 200-player Warzone mode, which will be available to play as soon as you have installed the chunky download.

Expect the new Modern Warfare update to require between 20GB and 40GB, which luckily won’t increase the install size by that much.

And while the June 30 update includes some eye-catching stuff – the Cheshire Park multiplayer map and new sniper rifle – it also includes some other much-needed tweaks.

This included the downgrading of the Grau, which has been reigning supreme across Verdransk these past few weeks.

Deadly when running into other players, and also very deadly from afar, the Grau has needed to be tamed for some time.

And today is the day things may change in Call of Duty Warzone across PS4, Xbox One and PC.

As confirmed in the official Call of Duty Warzone patch notes from developers Infinity Ward, the Grau’s damage range has been reduced while frequency recoil has also been increased.

It’s unclear if this will be enough to make things a little more varied on the ground but it’s a step in the right direction.

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It will be up to gamers to playtest the changes this week and that means downloading the game’s new data pack.

Activision has warned that it will be a big one, telling fans this week: “Please note that the Season Four Reloaded update will have a download size of approximately 22-36 GB for owners of the full version of Modern Warfare.

“Console owners must install a secondary download of approximately 3.5GB, then reboot the game to access Multiplayer, if desired.

“A reminder, console players can choose also to uninstall/remove other data packs (e.g. Special Operations), if no longer needed for a smaller overall file size.

“Once the Season Four Reloaded update is fully completed, it should minimally increase the overall digital footprint of the full version of Modern Warfare.

“Existing free-to-play Warzone players will have a download size of approximately 22GB-30GB, once finished there will be a reduction to the overall footprint on their machines.”

Here’s how you can delete older data packs to make Modern Warfare small on your console:

  • 1. Launch Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.
  • 2. When you reach the main menu, select Options.
  • 3. Navigate to the General tab.
  • 4. Scroll to the bottom and select Game Installs.
  • 5. Highlight any content you wish to uninstall.
  • 6. Select Uninstall, then select Confirm.

Full patch notes from today’s Call of Duty Warzone update can be found below:

200 Player Warzone

  • Verdansk will now be able to hold up to 200 players. Jump into Battle Royale Quads with 200 players!
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Supply Run Contracts

  • Upon activation, you and your squad (if applicable) will be directed to a nearby Buy Station. Reach it within the time limit to get a discount on Buy Station purchases.

Spotter Scope

  • Think of this as a high-powered scope without the glint; this re-usable scope allows you to scan the environment around you and mark enemies without being detected. Perfect for scouting ahead, the Spotter Scope is a great tool for Operators who want to plan their next move while keeping a low profile.


  • New Gulag weapons! Semi auto rifles, snipers, along with one “just fists and a throwing knife” loadout!

  • BR Quads 200

  • BR Trios

  • BR Duos

  • BR Solos

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  • Fix for an issue where players could modify weapons with attachments from other weapons while using a mouse

  • Fixed the wording in the Daily Challenge “Deploy the Manual Turret Killstreak 5 Times” to say “Shield Turret”

  • Multiplayer and Warzone win/losses now track as intended per mode

  • Improved stability for PC players

  • Fix for Kreuger’s eyes coming out of his character model while performing the Brassed Off execution

  • Fix for some Completionist camos not applying to the Witching Hour (AX-50 variant)

  • Fixed an exploit on Krovnik Farmland while playing Reinfected Ground War

  • Fixed a bug where the MIL-SIM CTSFO viewmodel gloves didn’t match the in-game world model

  • Fix for a section of Hardhat that had invisible collision

  • Fix for a bug where Demolition matches would not end as intended in overtime

  • Added the Kali Sticks to modes like All or Nothing, Gun Game, Infected, and Gunfight

  • Longshots now display the distance in the point feed

  • Fixed a bug where the Juggernaut HUD elements would remain on the screen if the player was crushed by a crate

  • Fixed an issue where the player could get stuck in place when throwing a grenade and trying to use a Shield Turret at the same time

  • If a player throws a Molotov at a severely damaged Deployable Cover, the Deployable Cover will break and the Molotov fire will disappear, but damage for the fire remains present for a duration of ~20 seconds. This has been fixed

  • Recon Drones can now be destroyed with Throwing Knives

  • Hipfire reticles are now visible in Spectate and in the Killcam. This will make it easier to tell if a player is using Stopping Power rounds or Slug rounds

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