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Camping and caravan holidays: Parks to check this detail as Britons risk being banned

The people of Leicester have since against been advised against all but essential travel.

Consequently, holiday accommodation owners are warning Leicester residents to stay away.

They will be checking guests’ postcodes on future bookings and cancelling reservations, reported The Mirror.

Owners will also call the police should anyone flout the government advice.


Ros Pritchard, director general of the British Holiday and Home Parks Association (BH&HPA) has urged Leicester residents to “do the right thing”.

Camping and caravan parks are ramping up their health and safety measures as they prepare for the return of holidaymakers.

The Camping and Caravanning Club have said: “We plan to open the majority of Club Sites, including as many as possible with toilet block facilities.

“In order to operate our sites in a responsible manner we will be increasing our cleaning regimes.

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“Where facility blocks are open there will be two deep cleans a day and four supplementary cleans – this places extra demand on our staff so we have had to look at campsites which are better suited to self-sufficient campers where facility blocks will not be open this season.

“Unfortunately it’s likely that 26 sites will remain closed for the rest of the season.”

Haven Holidays recently announced its plans to make sure that guests will remain safe when they arrive at one of their parks.

Cleaning measures, seals on caravan doors and bypassing reception areas are just a few of the rules being put in place.

Meanwhile, the BH&HPA has come up with an innovative way to keep distance between holiday homes.

Pritchard said: “You have to have this two metres of distance so we came up with the idea that you just leave two metres un-mown because that gives the visual indication of space that some people can’t imagine.

“We’ve already done wildlife corridors on the margins and through our parks so it’s just extending these to two metres.”

Dan Yates, founder and MD of camping site PitchUp: “Given the fast-moving nature of COVID-19 news, [checking postcodes] does seem a reasonable step as long as postcodes can be accurately correlated with restricted areas, although not one that we’re aware has been implemented as yet. 

“Site owners have been implementing COVID-19 Secure guidance to give customers the confidence to visit, and it is important to remain vigilant on this, the opening weekend for England and Scotland.”

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