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Camping holidays warning: Cornwall issues ‘dangerous’ campsite caution – are you at risk?

What’s more, there are safety concerns.

Consequently, campers are encouraged to plan ahead and know where they will be pitching up in advance,

Rob Nolan, Cabinet Member for Environment and Public Protection, said: “Our strong advice is for all visitors to book ahead with proper accommodation providers and campsites, not to arrive in Cornwall with no plan about where to stay.

“Wild camping can cause problems with litter, sanitation, trespass and may create conflict with landowners and residents.

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Nolan continued: “We are absolutely welcoming visitors back to Cornwall and want them all to have enjoyable stays.

“But we ask that they respect our residents and communities and follow all the health guidance rules and social distancing requirements.

“Please don’t be tempted to pitch a tent or stay overnight in your campervan anywhere you like the look of.”

Campers need to be careful when pitching on agricultural land (particularly ahead of harvest) or near livestock.

Cornwall council advises holidaymakers to follow the Countryside Code.

It’s key to be aware that camping on cliffs, moorland, or near fast-flowing watercourses can be a risk.

“Sudden changes in the weather can create unforeseen hazards,” said the authority.

Travellers should note that camping overnight in tents or vehicles in most car parks or on beaches is not permitted.

Cornwall also doesn’t accept camping in public parks, or in controlled countryside such as Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), or by Historic Monuments or Heritage Sites.

Camper are also not allowed to camp on private land without the owners’ permission.

Nolan added: “Cornwall values its tourist economy, and welcomes visitors who have booked and planned ahead, and who follow the Coronavirus health guidelines.

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“Please observe signs posted on beaches, in parks, showing diversions from public footpaths, and in other outdoor public areas.

“If you have dogs with you, please keep them under control at all times and on a lead in busy areas, and observe the restrictions in place on many beaches in these summer months.

“Welcome back to Cornwall. Stay safe. And stay safely.”

According to holiday brand company Rest Easy Group, Cornwall and Devon are the two most popular destinations for Britons looking for a UK holiday.

They were followed by an influx in bookings to North Yorkshire, Cumbria, Dorset, Snowdonia, Norfolk, Derbyshire, Dyfed and Somerset.


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