Home Science Capricorn horoscope for February 2020: Astrologer predicts ‘powers of persuasion strong'

Capricorn horoscope for February 2020: Astrologer predicts ‘powers of persuasion strong'

What is written in the stars for Capricorn in February 2020? Expert astrologer Russell Grant has given Express.co.uk his predictions for the next few weeks.

Capricorn February 2020 star sign

Russell Grant said: “Your powers of persuasion are very strong on the 2nd.

“Take this opportunity to negotiate and finalise a contract, ask for a date or make a sales pitch.

“Your expertise will command a good price on the 3rd; use this extra income to take a series of short pleasure trips.

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“The 7th is perfect for buying beautiful artwork and furnishings. If you’re looking for a new place to live, you’ll find somewhere right up your street.

“The Full Moon on the 9th finds you getting closer to a business or romantic partner. It’s a wonderful time to let down your defences.

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“A breath-taking gift could be given to you on Valentine’s Day.

“Are you single? Take this opportunity to splash out on some creature comforts.

“Promoting a creative project is highly favoured on the 21st, when you could get funding, publicity or both.

“On the 23rd, the New Moon brings excellent news about a community concern.”

Capricorn dates

Those who are Capricorn are born between 21 December and 19 January.

It is an Earth sign, and is a cardinal sign, which are a number of signs thought to display certain behaviours including being rude and self-motivated.

Capricorn traits

According to Horoscope.com, Capricorns are detail-oriented and determined.

Capricorns enjoy learning new things as a challenge, and like to impress others with their knowledge.

They are hard on others, and on themselves, holding people to high standards and maintaining grudges when they are no not met.

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