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Car insurance can be invalidated if drivers forget to use air conditioning or open windows

Experts warn drivers who cause an accident while they are drowsy could even risk facing a jail sentence. 

Although there are no strict rules on using air conditioning or opening your windows, the Highway Code does say cars must be kept well ventilated. 

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Moneyshake CEO, Eben Lovatt said overheating vehicles is a “serious problems for summer travel”. 

He warned hot conditions can make road users “feel sluggish” behind the wheel which could lead to accidents. 

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“The simplest solution to avoid overheating when driving is to turn on your AC or open the window. Make sure to bring a bottle of water with you on
summer journeys, too.”

Motorists who become distracted behind the wheel could be issued a £200 on the spot fine and up to three penalty points on their driving licence.  

However, in some extreme cases, motorists could risk fines as high as £2,500. 

If the extreme heart is massively affecting your driving and which may put others at risk, road users could face a charge of dangerous driving. 

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This could see motorists hit with a £5,000 fine and up to nine penalty points on their driving licence. 

A temporary driving ban could also be issued in some extreme circumstances. 

A spokesperson for StressFreeCarRental said: “If a vehicle doesn’t have air conditioning it can become unbearable on a hot day leaving driver and passengers feeling dehydrated and irritable – especially if traffic jams are involved. 

“Travelling like this for long periods can even be dangerous, but drivers can take some simple steps to make themselves and their passengers more comfortable.”

The group urges drivers to park their cars in shaded areas to help keep their car cool or fitting a mini fan inside their vehicle. 

Experts also urge drivers to place a wet cloth over the middle vent of the dashboard which will help cool the air that blows through. 

A simple piece of fabric can be placed over the steering wheel and dashboard to keep it cool in hot weather and prevent cracking.

Source Daily Express :: Life and Style Feed

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