Car insurance experts reveal driving a car in this condition could leave claims rejected

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Car insurance specialists Go Compare has revealed accidents caused by an unroadworthy car is one of the top reasons insurers decide to reject a claim and invalidate cover. Go Compare says motorists may find their vehicles have become “unsuitable” for driving with the car being out of use for so long.



They urged motorists to check their car is safe before returning to the road to avoid risking their agreement. 

Speaking to, Mark Greening, Car insurance expert at Go Compare said: “With your car being out of use for so long, it could potentially become unsuitable for driving. 

“Check everything is safe before getting back on the road.”

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps urged motorists to keep their cars in a road legal condition under lockdown while MOT tests were extended. 

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Car insurance experts reveal driving a car in this condition could leave claims rejected

Claims may be rejected for making this mistake (Image: Getty)

Car insurance experts reveal driving a car in this condition could leave claims rejected

Claims for vehicles which were already damaged are unlikely to be accepted (Image: Getty)

Garage experts have warned motorists could be put “at risk” as dangerous vehicles were left on the road without being checked. 

Police officers can fine motorists up to £2,500 for driving a car in a dangerous condition or issue charges for individual vehicle damage. 

If the car is in such a bad way it is affecting the level of driving, officers may have grounds to issue a dangerous driving penalty. 

This can see motorists issued with a £5,000 fine, up to nine penalty points and even be issued a driving ban. 

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Alongside vehicle damage, Mr Greening revealed claims may also be rejected if motorists had lied about their occupation. 

Your job is one of the most important factors in calculating how much a driver will pay each month as this often determines your road risk. 

Jobs which require motorists to be on the road longer may come with higher costs than smaller committed. 

He urged motorists to inform their provider if they had changed their job under lockdown as this would affect premiums. 

Failure to inform your provider of these changes to avoid higher costs could backfire later down the line when claims for accident damage are rejected.

Mr Greening told “If you’ve had a change of job due to lockdown, it’s vital you let your insurance provider know. 

“Different jobs will come with different premiums, so make sure you keep your provider up to date with any change of career.”

The expert also revealed claims are regularly rejected because there was little to no proof an accident even took place.

Go Compare says it is important motorists involved in a crash gather as much evidence as they can to make sure their claim goes through. 

Car insurance experts reveal driving a car in this condition could leave claims rejected

Car insurance experts say drivers need to keep insurers updated if they want claims accepted (Image: Getty)

They said it may be hard to share insurance details with fellow drivers due to social distancing measures but some evidence is needed to process a claim. 

Failure to do this could see claims being rejected and your cover becoming invalidated. 

Under these circumstances owners will be responsible for paying any repair costs to fix a vehicle. 

This could force motorists to spend hundreds of pounds on simple repairs during an uncertain financial period. 

In extreme cases road users may also find themselves blacklisted from the particular firms and struggle to get any cover from traditional providers. 

This may force motorists to secure cover from specialist firms which are likely to be more expensive for simple policies. 

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