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Car insurance: New hands free driving tool could ‘affect premiums’ as firms ‘lack clarity'

However, experts at Thatcham Research warns that the technology comes with a lot of “variability” which concerns car insurance firms.

Matthew Avery, spokesperson for the firm said car insurance premiums were unlikely to come down in cost despite the tool being installed to boost road safety.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, he said: “Insurers need to know who’s driving in the collision and there won’t be any indication of who was driving at the time of the collision.

“Therefore even if it wasn’t your fault you’re going to blame the system and if it was your fault you’re going to blame the system.

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He said: “You can’t use excuses because you’re legally liable because these are driver assisted systems.

“They will help you where they can but ultimately you have to be watching.”

However, if authorities decide to classify the tool as an automated vehicle this could ensure drivers are not held responsible for certain collisions.

Manufacturers will then be blamed for failures and liable for accidents caused by the technology.

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“They can’t move lanes, they will be restricted to the lane you’re in, a competent driver can move out and move around stuff. They won’t avoid deep water, animals or debris on the road.

“If there is something crossing the road or if there’s a bumper cover fallen off a car you’re going to hit it.

“The systems are not going to be sensitive to pedestrians. You get people breaking down in cars and getting out. We see fatalities from people who are struck on one corner [of a car].  

“The regulations do not stipulate you’ve got to avoid a pedestrian across the whole vehicle, in other words, they are not going to stop hitting pedestrians.”

ALKS systems automatically take control of vehicles to ensure they do not leave the lane while driving.

Many experts have praised the new technology with SMMT chairman Mike Hawes predicting the tool will be “life-changing”.

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