Carol Kirkwood: BBC weather star lifts the lid on 'person' who knows everything about her

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Carol Kirkwood: BBC weather star lifts the lid on 'person' who knows everything about her

Carol Kirkwood, 58, is a self-confessed cat lover and proud owner of tabby moggy, Donald. Often referring to him as her “best friend” it seems he’s a whole lot more than that as Carol gushed over the fact he knows everything about her.

Speaking to, the BBC Breakfast weather presenter revealed he’s seen her at her lowest points but “never tells a soul”.

“My best friend is Donald my cat,” she said in a recent interview.

“He’s the one “person” who knows everything about me.

“My happiness, my sadness, everything – and he never tells a soul.”

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Donald is now 19-years-old but still going strong, and Carol admitted she will be heartbroken when the time comes for him to depart, hoping “he’ll be around for a long time”.

While chatting to her former co-star Bill Turnbull on his Classic FM podcast, Bill commented: “But 19 is a very good age for a cat, isn’t it? Brilliant age.”

She replied: “Yes, but I hope that he’ll be around for a long time yet.

“It will break my heart when he’s not here,” she mused.

She recalled they were heading to a birthday party that night but she was “loathed to go” because she was so worried about her pet.

“When we came back it was around midnight and I was out on the street with my other half shouting for him but there was no sign of him,” she said.

Carol revealed that she started to fear the worst; that he had been hit by a car as they searched the roads near her house, but alas Angus was never found.

“He never came back,” she said sadly.

“My only hope is that he moved in with some lovely family as cats do, or that he maybe he moved house altogether because someone was moving house up the street and that he’s living happily somewhere else now.

Source:Daily Express :: Celebrity News Feed

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